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Solve Murder Cases with the ‘Hunt A Killer’ Mystery Boxes

Are you looking for a challenge? Watched through all detective shows and flicks there are and never get enough? You consider yourself a true Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple? The Hunt A Killer mystery box might be the right choice for you if books and shows are just not enough anymore.

Are you currently working from home, a.k.a being in self-isolation or social distancing to flatten the curve for COVID-19 infection rates? Things can get a little intense after a few days and weeks within the same four walls, and after a while, some people tend to develop a bad feeling when binge-watching too much shows on Netflix or gaming the whole time. So, what else is there? Of course, you can go for tabletop and board games, but these help you only if you’re with someone. If you’re all by yourself, you might want to have a glance at Hunt A Killer.


Hunt A Killer is a mystery-in-the-box experience that allows you to immerse yourself into being a detective that tries to solve a murder case based on various pieces of clues and other realistically looking material that was prepared for the players. They even have multiple “episodes” for you to delve into, in case you are already done with your first case and loved it. As of now, there are six episodes in total, and it’s possible that more are being developed already.

So, how Hunt A Killer it work?

You visit the Hunt A Killer website first, and then you’ll need to fill out a membership application form and make the order for your box. You then need to wait for your Hunt A Killer box to arrive at your place.

It will include all the necessary information about the case, and with a bit of detective work, you’ll be able to eliminate suspects that couldn’t have committed the murder. Finally, you’ll be able to catch the killer with enough evidence.

Packages and pricing

Their website is a bit vague on what you’re buying, but there’s a shop site that gives you some more information, at least when you’re looking at the full six-season box set, which is currently sold for $180. This set is the right thing to get if you don’t want to go for a subscription service, and they estimate players to have about 10-15 hours of gameplay with this. I think I would possibly take a little longer but this varies from detective to detective.


Even if you’re not the detective-kind yourself, this could make for a lovely gift to someone who loves mystery and case-working like that. Of course, we are looking forward to seeing the end of COVID-19 hopefully soon and then it would also make for a nice candidate for date night or game night with friends.

YouTube: Hunt A Killer – Getting Started

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