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HP Spectre: The Sexiest Laptop Around

Now I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of “slim” laptops, I’m sure you’ve seen paperweight laptops, but the HP Spectre isn’t just “slim” it’s “slimmer”, it isn’t just paperweight, it’s featherweight. Introducing HP’s newest design; the HP Spectre, also dubbed as “The World’s Thinnest Laptop”.

It’s not just a coincidence that it looks like a designer handbag. The black and rose-gold color combination is aimed to match contemporary fashion and jewelry. For a long time, this is the first design and lifestyle rival to an Apple product, that doesn’t just live by its specs but by its vibe.

They described it as the best laptop they’ve ever made and the thinnest laptop they ever manufactured. This laptop is made from aluminum and carbon fiber to make that perfect design. HP calls it “more artisan than manufactured”. They reinvented perfection in this fine piece of notebook.

The whole laptop has this copper-like glow that gives us a feel of the hard work put into it. Like it was handmade and carefully built. It also contains edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass display which is scratch resistant. Let’s hope it actually lasts.

Now let’s talk numbers, just how light is the HP Spectre? Well, it only weighs 2.45 pounds, that’s even lighter than a newborn baby! It has a 13-inch screen but when you measure its height when closed, it is only 10.4mm.

A huge thing that has been bothering me since I’ve heard of this, was how is all that engineering going to fit? I mean they’ve been bragging about the power within the Spectre but how will the laptop handle the heating? HP claims they made a cooling system that doesn’t just vent heat out but enables cool air to get inside.

Here are some other features: It runs on Windows 10 of course. You have up to 512GB SSD storage so that it won’t be a hassle to go through your files. It contains a 6th generation of Intel® Core i processor. A surprising 8GB RAM is also inside. And lastly, it uses USB Type-C. This means the ports aren’t just used for data but also for power. With old ports, you have to have a ton of different connectors to be able to have your desired function, but with USB Type-C you only need one.

HP Spectre has been getting good reviews from other critics and companies ever since its launch. Pricing for this design gem starts at $1,019.99. Tell me what you think about this design plus engineering innovation by HP in the comments below.

YouTube: The World’s Thinnest Laptop – HP Spectre


Photo credit: HP

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