How to Use TikTok to Promote Small Businesses


TikTok is one of the most recently launched platforms that has gained instant popularity in a very short period. Initially, this application was only intended to entertain others but its huge fan base makes it a mandatory marketing tool for a brand that is looking to get more online exposure. People often wonder about the popularity of this platform and where it comes from but the answer is simple. This platform has a dynamic and such huge fan base that makes this much more unique and attractive for brands of all types. This not only enhances the importance of this platform but also made the competition tougher on it.

Can TikTok be used to promote small and medium-sized businesses? Now brands have to strive more to be the best as compared to what they had to do before. It is becoming very hard to beat the competition on this platform. You have to come up with a new creative idea and compelling content and then you will be able to beat the mass. Your content should be having a unique factor that others don’t have so that you may stand out from the rest. If you are going to advertise a small business on TikTok you can take help from the tips that are going to be mentioned in this article.

Optimize your profile

The first thing that you need to do is the optimization of your profile as best as you can. Your profile acts as an online storefront of your brand where your customer may come and see what you are offering to them so you need to be very creative and authentic while creating your profile on TikTok and try to make it the way that seems impressive and attractive for others. The following tips can be proved very helpful for you in making your profile more attractive:

  1. Try to write the best description of your profile that explains important details about your brand interestingly and helps your audience understand what you do for them and how you are making yourself stand out.
  2. Try to put a high-resolution logo of your company so that you may reinforce the identity of your brand everywhere on this platform.
  3. Share the link to your business website so that you may get more impressions and visits to it.
  4. Never forget to share your contact information and add a very clear CTA in your description content so that you may easily be contacted by interested users.

All these tips would be extremely helpful for you in making your profile more professional and authentic.

Collaborate with influencers

TikTok influencers are the most powerful way of getting known by the audience, especially when you have just started your marketing campaign on this platform. Influencers are people who are very popular and have a huge fan base on social media. People are really keen on knowing their likes, dislikes, and preferences in their daily life routines. When you get connected with an influencer, they start promoting your products in front of their audience and in this way you start getting more traffic, more responses, and more clients.

For example; if you are a beauty brand that wants to promote its products on TikTok, you will be connecting with a beauty influencer related to your niche. This influencer will have an audience that is the target clients of your products. So, when your product is advertised in front of them using their favorite influencer that they trust and follow, you can’t imagine how instant responses and interactions you start getting on your products. It enhances the sales of your products multiple times and makes you more visible on this platform.

Never forget the ‘social’ in social media

Social media isn’t social media if you’re not engaging your fans and communicating with your followers. Getting engaged with your audience not only helps you get an immediate response from your audience but also builds a very strong position for your brand in front of people who don’t know much about it.

You should consider doing live chats, and Q&A sessions and try to engage your audience in the DMs and comment section so that you may win the trust and credibility of your audience. The more you interact with your audience, the more you start getting organic traffic on your TikTok account because it makes the TikTok algorithm works in the favor of your content so it starts promoting it everywhere in the relevant searches and “for you” pages.

Participate in trends

Trends are a must to have in your content when you want to grow on TikTok. Trending sounds and content are an asset that has so much potential and they can boost the visibility and discoverability of your profile multiple times. As we know that trending content is already so much popular on this platform and people are liking it and following it regularly. When a brand start participating in an ongoing trend, its content also gains the same visibility as that ongoing trend. So, it is a very powerful and smart way of getting more popular on TikTok.

Whichever trend you participate never forget to develop a strong relevance of that trend with the image of your brand otherwise it may harm the reputation of your profile. Being part of an irrelevant trend may confuse your users and they may find it hard to trust your brand. So whichever niche and category you have chosen for your brand make sure you remain to stick to it and try to make all of your content according to your niche.

Wrapping up

So now you know so much about having a powerful start on TikTok. All the above-mentioned tips can be extremely helpful for you in making you more visible, attractive, and easily accessible to your target audience. Just keep creating compelling content on your profile and make sure you are creating content relevant to the identity of your brand just like on other social media platforms before but don’t be afraid to try something new.

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This guest article has been submitted by Angela Diana. While we appreciate guest contributions, it's important to note that the views expressed by the author are not necessarily reflective of those held by TechAcute.

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Guest Author
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