How to Stream the NBA Finals?


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The NBA Finals are aired every year and watched with rigorous passion by almost every household in the US. If you don’t prefer being at the stadium or can’t afford to, you can always watch it on your TV. The games are streamed live on TV across the major networks in the US; ESPN, TNT, ABC, and NBA TV.

But if you are a cord-cutter, you can stream it on your computer, smartphone device, or gaming console. You get to stream the same channels that you would otherwise get if you were subscribed to a cable TV service. You’ll need to subscribe to streaming TV services and you can stream anytime you want, and from anywhere. There is one condition though; you need to have an internet connection for that. Sign up for the nearest and most reliable internet service available in your locality. Go for Comcast Internet if it is available in your region and take advantage of its fast internet speeds for smooth and seamless connectivity. Or better yet, reach out to Comcast customer service for any information.

How to stream the NBA finals

Now that you have paved for your devices to have access to TV streaming services, you need to know which streaming TV to go for. Fortunately for you, we narrowed down some of the best streaming TV services that will allow you to stream the NBA Finals on all your devices.

Hulu+ Live TV – You get two types of TV options with Hulu+ Live TV

  • Hulu+ Live TV with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus – $69.99/mo.
  • Ad-free Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus – $75.99/mo.

With Hulu+ Live TV, you can tune in to around 75 TV channels, including local and major cable networks. What makes Hulu+ Live TV different from cable TV is that you can access on-demand content.

On Hulu+ Live TV, you can find ESPN and FS1, SEC, and ACCN as the national sports channels. Other than that, there is ABC, CW, FOX, NBC, and Telemundo for watching your local news and learning weather forecasts, and games.

FuboTV – This streaming service offers two plans

  • Pro – $69.99/mo.
  • Elite – $79.99/mo.

FuboTV generally has over 100 channels in various categories such as live sports, popular movies and shows, and news. FuboTV’s Pro plan is ideal for families. It offers 119 different channels, including some of the major sports channels like ABC, Sports 4K, the NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, the Olympic channels, etc. Also, FuboTV allows you to stream 10 screens simultaneously along with having a cloud DVR with 1000 hours of space.

On the other hand, with FuboTV’s Elite plan, you can tune in to 175 channels, unlimited screens (10 at home), and a cloud DVR of 1000 hours. Both the plans of FuboTV also offer a seven-day trial for free, which means that you can sign up for the plan, and browse and stream through it for free within seven days. After testing, you can choose your preferred FuboTV plan to subscribe to.

Sling TV – You can choose any one of the three plans offered by Sling TV

  • Orange – $35/mo.
  • Blue – $35/mo.
  • Orange & Blue – $50/mo.

As you can, this seems like an inexpensive plan than the aforementioned streaming TV plans. But there are certain limitations too. Sling TV offers only 31 channels; sports channels include ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, and NFL Network.

With Sling TV’s Orange plan, you get to have access to only 50 hours of DVR storage and it can be on one device only. The Blue plan has 41 channels such as TNT, CNN, ESPN, FS1, TLC, and the USA. This plan offers DVR storage of 50 hours like the Orange plan, but unlike the Orange plan, the Blue plan can be streamed on three devices simultaneously.

Orange & Blue is the best plan out of the three, with the best offerings. You have access to 50 different channels, such as A&E, Bravo, ESPN, FS1, NFL Networks, etc. Even with this plan, you will get DVR storage of 50 hours and simultaneous streaming on three devices.

Final thoughts

If you are not subscribed to any cable plan right now, it doesn’t mean you won’t have access to NBA Finals. There are alternatives and some of them have already been mentioned in this article. Whatever streaming service you go for, invite your friends over, prepare the game-day snacks and tune in to enjoy the NBA Finals.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Marty Jean-Louis.

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