How to Prepare for New Updates in World of Warcraft


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The world of MMOs is constantly changing and this is the main condition for retaining the audience – game developers must please everyone and slow players who savor every quest and fans of grinding and fast content absorption. But sooner or later, there comes a period when the bulk of the players are approaching the maximum level, wearing the best armor in Azeroth at the moment, and they are already getting bored.

In order not to lead to an outflow of players, developers from Blizzard think over and release new updates and prescribe patch notes for them. But how do you prepare for updates? After all, they often bring dramatic changes – let’s discuss.

How to prepare for the update after Shadowlands:

  1.  Stock up on gold.
  2.  Read patch notes and forums.

Stock up on gold

Gold can be mined in many ways, but we will discuss the most relevant and accelerated.

1. Buy WoW gold on – all that is required is to go to the site, select the appropriate section and service – pay for the goods and wait for a connection with the manager. Usually, it takes 15 seconds, the employee will clarify the details of the order and the time of the transfer of gold. All – you are ready to upgrade.

The service can also help you with the development of new content after the release of the update. New raids on hard difficulty, with the support of professional players who will do all the work, and you will deal the final blow and take all the reward – sounds good, doesn’t it? Learning to play a character is a great opportunity to surprise your friends and become famous among your enemies. Contact for a boosting and coaching service.

2. Pursue professions – Master Crafter skills and mining and provide the server with the best weapons and heavy armor. Equip death knights and other metal-related classes, and always go with gold. Choose two gathering professions and simply accumulate resources for later sale.

For example, you can take mining and skinning, there will also be materials for tailoring, which are knocked out directly from monsters, and you can sell four types of resources at once – ore, gems, skins, and cloth. All these resources are in great demand when leveling the relevant professions and are needed to equip the server with light armor for hunters and other dodgers, mages and priests and Death Knights, and other classes – in fact, all types of equipment are covered in this way.

Don’t neglect fishing. Yes, there are not many open water bodies in Azeroth, but fishing itself can bring relaxation from the hustle and bustle of game worlds and provide useful resources. You can go to the Bastion, or to any other favorite location – it is important to avoid places with a lot of roaming and aggressive monsters, otherwise, there will be no calm fishing.

You can sell fish to cooks, or learn how to cook food yourself, you can feed pets, which will be relevant for pet owners. Master cooking – is an undemanding and calm profession, there is enough fish for pumping, but it is not necessary to be limited to it. Dishes will increase performance for an hour when consumed and are suitable for absolutely all characters, even the undead will eat food.

If you pump the skill to the maximum value, then the character will be able to prepare feasts and sell his masterpieces for gold, until that moment he will have to limit himself to single sales.

Read patch notes and forums

There are a lot of open sources of information on the World of Warcraft on the Internet, and if you do not take only the official website and the Blizzard forum, you can find a lot of descriptions and opinions. For example, Wowhead always has a lot of information and guides, as well as discussions on the topic of upcoming updates based on the presented patch notes.

Why read patch notes

You need to know in what direction the game will develop, what raids will be relevant, and most importantly, more information about new bosses, especially mystical ones since they are especially difficult to master from the first run. Players will long remember the raid – Sanctuary of Domination and the number of unsuccessful attempts before the first resounding victory.

Not necessarily updates will change the mechanics of the game, but any little things that change the life and farm of your character are important. Perhaps some resources should be stocked up, or vice versa, they should be sold due to the loss of relevance – there are many options, and you need to carefully read and study if you claim a significant role in the life of your server.

Forums, on the other hand, are useful for discussing key fragments and points of the patch notes, and with the help of other players, you can come to a reasonable answer and consensus.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Daniel Krason.
Editorial notice: Please always check your game’s end user license agreement to check if it’s okay to buy gold for your game on online marketplaces. Some might be okay with it and others might not, so it’s best to check.

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