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How to Make a Baby with Your Smartphone

This is baby-making season. Yep, every year at this time, several of my friends get pregnant. This year is no exception. The one time I got pregnant, it was in April too. It’s the reason there are a lot of birthdays around the holidays. Many people just put on some baby-making music, open a bottle of wine, and the magic happens. For others, it’s unfortunately more complicated. Now you can use your smartphone to help make a baby.

These days, professional women are waiting longer to have children, which can sometimes make it more difficult to get pregnant. This could explain why the infertility market has skyrocketed into a 3.5 billion dollar industry each year.

Using a smartphone to help make a baby is nothing new. I’ve written about it many times over the years. This new app is different though. It’s called Conceivable, and it specifically helps to treat infertility – right through your phone.

The idea itself is intriguing. Just think, less doctor visits, less cost, less time and more privacy. My question is, does it really help make a baby or is it just hype?


According to Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer, the founder and CEO:

Conceivable is the technology-enabled version of the program that has proven so effective in my clinical practice. We’ve worked with a diverse team of medical doctors, OBGYNs, reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists and pharmacists – as well as leading technologists and business builders – to bring the first modern, integrated fertility program to millions pursuing the dream of parenthood.

The downside to this app is of course the cost. Although the initial assessment is free, any help beyond that will cost $200 per month. That does include a monthly supply of natural supplements based on 15 years of science, but still, it seems a bit pricey too me.

On the other hand, it’s cheaper than IVF, and holding a new baby in your arms is a priceless experience. You can learn more by clicking over to Conceivable.


YouTube: Introducing Conceivable — A Modern Conception (by Conceivable)

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