How to Get Free Cloud Storage on Your iPhone? – Top 4 Methods


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Are you tired of deleting your photos and media once every few days to make up space because iCloud only gives 5 GB of storage on your iPhone? What’s the point of spending so much on a premium device if you can’t keep your cherished photos on the phone or even the cloud storage running out? While many other cloud storage apps and services provide more than 5 GB of free cloud storage, none can come close to TeraBox.

This article will discuss the best alternatives to iCloud storage provided by Apple, how they fare better, and compare them to give you the best free storage online options for your photos and media without ever worrying about running out of storage again.

Method 1: Download TeraBox to get free cloud storage of 1 TB on your iPhone

TeraBox not only provides 1 TB of free cloud storage on your iPhone but also gives safe, private space of 200 MB for super important files, remotely upload files function, up to 20 GB file upload the automatic backup of your photos and on top of that, the cheapest rates for 2 TB cloud storage than other competitors. Download TeraBox for free storage online today on your iPhone.

App Screenshot 1
Image: TeraBox

You can download the app from iPhone/iPad app store by following these steps:

  1. Open your app store and search for TeraBox.
  2. Download the app and sign-up via Google, Facebook, or Apple ID.
  3. After signing up, you can always log in via these options and your mobile phone.
  4. To use the app’s full functionality on your iPhone and free cloud storage, download the app from their website to quickly transfer files back and forth.
App Screenshot 2
Image: TeraBox

Method 2: Login TeraBox to get 1 TB of free storage online

TeraBox is also available on your Windows, Android, and Mac. You can access Linux devices plus all of their free storage online through any popular web browser from any of these devices.

You can benefit from their free storage online the first time you login TeraBox from either your app or their official website. Like the app on the iPhone, you can log in through whichever sign-up account you used, whether it’s email, Facebook, Google, or Apple ID, and you can start using your free storage online for a lifetime. You might wonder why 1 TB storage provide for free? TeraBox believes that free online storage is necessary for this day and age, and everyone should have access to it to save their precious data and keep it private from prying eyes.

App Screenshot 3
Image: TeraBox

Method 3: 100 GB free cloud storage provider Degoo app

Degoo believes that life’s best memories should always be available on the cloud while providing an AI-based cloud service that will tell you your best photos when making a collage or a presentation for family and friends gatherings. It allows you to store all your best memories with 100 GB of free storage online while sharing 10TB of premium storage in real-time. You can download Degoo from the iOS app store.

The only downside to this app is that ads support this service, plus you need to log in at least once a year to let your account stay active. Furthermore, even though it allows 1 TB of free storage, you can only upload files from up to 5 devices though you can view and download your essential data from any device, app, or browser.

Method 4: 20 GB cloud storage free provider Mega app

The 3rd option in this article is Mega free storage online, a file hosting service provided by Mega Limited and is easily accessible on most devices. It provides 20 GB of free cloud storage but uses keys to encrypt all your files and chats. Furthermore, it allows you to sync and share folders instead of just files.

Their storage is reliable and provides for blazing-fast transfer speeds. All these options are marketed toward regular users and are the best solution for a secure business keeping your company’s data safe. Though the only problem is you can only download 1GB for free every 6 hours. You can use their Secure Cloud Storage on their website and download the app free from the iOS app store.

Method 5: 50 GB free cloud storage provider Media fire app

Media Fire application provides 10 GB of free storage, and it is available on almost every device, including Mobile phones, computers, and even Apple TV. You can organize your files effortlessly through their application. Another great feature of this application is that you can send one-time links to other people for safer downloads and file transfers.

Anyone can easily use the application because it is user-friendly and even allows you to upload multiple files. However, it bugs while uploading large files.

Compare the four methods below for cloud storage free

Now that I have shared the best alternatives for iCloud on your iPhone let’s see how they fare against each other.

Service/App Storage Access Devices Allowed Charges for Premium Pros/Cons
TeraBox 1TB (1024GB) Mobile and Computer Unlimited no. of Devices $3.9/Month (Reduced to $2.9 for Auto-renewal) Private Storage, Remote Download, offline upload
Degoo 100GB Mobile and Computer Unlimited no. of Devices Download $3/Month Increase storage by referring friends, AI to suggest best photos, limited devices to upload data
Mega 20GB Mobile and Computer Unlimited no. of Devices $4.99 for 400GB and 1TB transfer You May lose data if you lose your password
Media Fire 50GB Mobile, Computer, and Apple TV Unlimited no. of Devices $3.75 per month for 1TB Easy to use but hangs while transferring large files


While TeraBox and Degoo provide 100GB of free storage online, TeraBox costs more if you don’t auto-renew but provides unlimited upload devices. On the other hand, Mega only provides 50GB and costs a lot more to come anywhere close to TeraBox and Degoo. Even though TeraBox has more functions than others, a 2 TB of premium storage for the lowest price is enough to make it the best free storage online in my books.


Now that you know about a few free cloud storage options for your iPhone and iPad, you can make an informed decision to take photos and make videos of your adventures and keep them for a lifetime. Why do I say for a lifetime? Because using TeraBox, you can store up to 400,000 photos and up to 2000 movies while a whopping 6.5 million private and vital documents. If even that much space isn’t enough, you can auto-renew for a small amount of $2.9 and get 2 TB of cloud storage for double the amount of files and data for twice the lifetime.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Hay Dmitriy. The screenshots are owned by TeraBox and were provided with permission.

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