How to Detect Spyware on an iPhone


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If you have an iPhone, you might have been a victim of iPhone spying. Spyware is an increasingly common problem on cell phones, and it can affect your privacy. They can be used to monitor your calls, messages, social media chats, GPS locations, and a lot more. These spying apps for iOS are used by hackers worldwide to damaging effect.

Thankfully, there are ways to detect and remove spyware on your iPhone. This article will show you how to do this. Listed below are the common signs that spyware is on your iPhone and how to remove it. After reading this article, you should feel confident that you have taken the right steps to protect your phone and privacy.

The key signs to help detect spyware on an iPhone

Smartphones are powerful devices that are constantly connecting to the internet, making them vulnerable to malicious attacks. Spyware is one of the most dangerous types of malicious software that can be installed on smartphones without the user’s knowledge or consent. It can be used to monitor calls, messages, social media chats, and even track GPS locations—all without the user’s knowledge or consent. It can also steal confidential information such as bank account numbers or passwords. This makes spying on smartphones a severe threat to both privacy and security, as it can cause serious data breaches and financial damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to detect and remove spyware from a smartphone before any damage can be done. By regularly scanning for suspicious activity on your device and being aware of the common signs of spyware infection, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of smartphone spying. Regularly changing passwords, using two-factor authentication when possible, avoiding suspicious links online, and downloading apps only from official app stores will also help protect your device from spyware infection.

Your iPhone’s battery drains a lot faster.

One of the most common signs that your iPhone may be infected with spyware is excessive battery drain. It uses a large amount of battery power while it’s working to track your movements, and that can drastically lower your phone’s battery life. This constant activity can also lead to an uncharacteristic battery drain on most iPhones.

Charging up an iPhone with a Battery Bank because of heavy drain
Image: Prykhodov / Depositphotos

GPS is another common indicator of spyware, as it heavily taxes the battery. When someone uses a spy app on your phone to monitor your GPS location, it makes use of the device’s location to do so. This can have a significant effect on your iPhone’s battery.

Be on the lookout for excessive data usage

Another way to detect spyware on an iPhone is to check the network usage of the phone. Spyware apps send information over the internet, so they tend to use lots of data. If you have unlimited data on your iPhone, you should check for unusually high data usage. Alternatively, you can check your data usage by looking at your iPhone’s settings – Wifi, WLAN, and Cellular. And as the last check, you can also look for frequent login requests into your social media accounts, as these can point to secret attempts to access your profiles.

Look out for suspicious applications on your iPhone

Another way to check if your iPhone is infected with spyware is by looking for malicious apps that are hidden or disguised as useful software. Some spyware is downloaded via link downloads or files. Usually, this means that someone has physical access to the phone. This means that if you’re unaware of the spyware, you might not even notice it. Luckily, there are many free spyware detection apps available on the App Store on your iPhone.

Be careful if you have jailbroken your iPhone

While a lot of iPhone users often jailbreak their devices to install certain applications, what they don’t realize is that this process also reduces the device’s security against malware and spyware. This is because jailbreaking isn’t very safe. As a result, if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone at some point, you’ll have to be doubly careful to notice the signs mentioned above. This is because spyware can easily be installed on your jailbroken iPhone remotely, so a hacker won’t even have to physically access your device to steal your data.

Your iPhone starts hanging a lot

iPhones are incredibly fast devices, but if your device suddenly starts hanging, this could be a sign of trouble. This is especially so if the device hangs when you open a certain application, such as WhatsApp, for example. This could be a sign that someone is monitoring your WhatsApp chats without your authorization. This can lead to damaging consequences, so you must do everything you can to remove the spy app from your iPhone.

Tips to remove spyware from your iPhone

So what can be done to prevent that and keep your smartphone free of spyware and other malware?

Update the password to your phone and Apple ID

The best way to detect spyware on an iPhone is to change your Apple ID password. This password can be changed in the settings of your iPhone, as well as in the Apple ID. This will prevent unauthorized access to your phone. Make sure you change this password regularly and don’t let it expire.

Otherwise, spyware will continue to use up your phone’s battery. Additionally, ensure that the password isn’t easy to guess. It should ideally be a combination of upper and lower case characters and can also be alpha-numerical to improve its complexity. If you find this difficult to remember, however, you can make use of a good password manager to take care of your logins securely.

Install an anti-malware program on your iPhone

An anti-malware program is an effective way of detecting and removing any form of malware from your device, and this includes spy apps. These programs are designed to scan your iPhone, detect malware, remove it from the source, and repair any damage it might have caused to your device. Even if you buy yourself the latest iPhone with the latest security updates, you must install a good anti-malware program right from the get-go. A reliable solution for you to consider is Kaspersky anti-malware.

Closing thoughts

As you can see, there are several signs that can point to the presence of spyware on your iPhone, along with two major things you can do to secure it from them in the first place. Among these, the use of an anti-malware program is crucial and completely foolproof, even according to researchers at So, take the right precautions, and you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your data. After all, your peace of mind is no small thing.

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