How to a Pick Color Code from an Image Online?


How exactly can one pick a color code from a photo or another graphic by only using tools in their browser online? Color is one of the most important elements of design. If you are dealing with design works such as web site, logo, banner preparation, you already know the importance of your chosen colors. Unless the colors are chosen correctly and are not compatible with each other, your work will not create the effect you want.

Finding the right color for an artist is an exhausting job to do. The web tool called Image Color Picker by Ezoic allows you to find the exact color that you are searching for.

Finding the right color

Let’s say you are going to create a website. There are thousands of sites created using harmonious colors. Why not be inspired by the colors of those sites? You can find the color codes by looking at the source code of the colors used in the sites you visit, opening the screenshot, and viewing it with a program such as Photoshop. However, that’s a lot of steps just to get a good look at the color you want.

How to a Pick Color Code from an Image Online

The way to do this job faster and easier is to use the Image Color Picker. Using this website, you can create websites and an image file, a program, etc. You can find the color code of everything you see on the screen and use it in your own designs. Here, you can see both HEX and RGB versions of your uploaded image. To see the HEX and RGB code of any color, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the “use your image” button.
  2. Select and upload the file you want to use.
  3. Use your cursor to find the right pixel to check and click.

On top of that, you are also presented with a handy color palette in case you want to get some prominent and matching color tones to go with.

The use of color in web design is essential for providing a good user experience to visitors and correctly conveying the message. For this reason, web designers are working on various methods to use colors in their work in the most effective way. Color picking gains importance in this manner.

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With Image Color Picker, you can choose the right one for you at the tap of your finger. There are different options as well in the color picker section, such as color-conversions, variations, and different color combinations such as complement, triadic, analogous, monochromatic, and tetradic that are available for you to use.

Of course, color is not the only thing that makes a graphic look good. If you want to edit graphics in your browser and not only pick color codes from images, you could also try out solutions like Adobe Spark, Canva, Pixlr, or any other solution you like. All have pros and cons, depending on what you need to use them for.

Photo credits: The featured image has been taken by Vladimir Alykov. The screenshot in the article is owned by Ezoic.

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