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How Nvidia VRSS Boosts Image Quality in VR [Video]

The other day Nvidia has published an interesting new video on their YouTube channel which shows the differences of enabling VRSS (Variable Rate Supersampling) and keeping it off. You could compare it to how compression in video files work with the difference that this is focused on real-time shader rendering and staying in VR.

In an NVIDIA article about their latest CES news, Andrew Burnes writes, “Compared to alternative techniques that supersample the entire screen with large hits to frame rate, VRSS’s adaptive use of Variable Rate Shading boosts image quality while staying about the typical 90Hz fixed refresh rate of the VR headset. In the VR game Boneworks, VRSS keeps FPS above 90, whereas a fullscreen 4x supersample drops frame rates to unplayable levels.”

YouTube: VRSS Boosts Image Quality in VR – Featuring BONEWORKS

Photo credit: All media shown are owned by NVIDIA.

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