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How Artists Can Earn Money in the Digital Age [Video]

Are you familiar with Patreon? That’s a website where users (Patreons) can support their favorite creators with a pledge to pay them monthly. That allows them to concentrate on their art and craft, knowing they’ll have money for rent and food in the next month as well. If they do well, their audience increases, and so does their “income.” It’s an interesting concept, to say the least.

In this video, below, you can watch American musician, singer-songwriter, DJ, entrepreneur, and filmmaker, Jack Conte, who also happens to be CEO and co-founder of Patreon. He shares some of his experiences and talks about how artists now can be paid in our digital age in comparison to a less optimal past for (starving) artists. Enjoy!

YouTube: How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age | Jack Conte

Photo credit:  Bret Hartman for TED

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