HOsiHO Deploys Aerial Stock Footage Drone Flock All Over France


A small “army” of drones will soon provide images for a European aerial stock footage company. The company, HOsiHO, has established this drone network with a goal to cover the entire French territory. The drones will also enable free direct connection with the best French aerial images talents, the company said.

This still rather new technology has seen incredible and unprecedented use in all areas of life, photography especially so. France alone has almost 10,000 drone pilots, and their number keeps growing with each day.

What is HOsiHO doing?

The image bank decided to take advantage of this increasingly popular technology for the benefit of its business. To this end, 14 drone operators have been assigned throughout France. According to the company, each drone operator will have his or her own exclusive geographical area of operation.

HOsiHO Aerial Drone Footage Network France Example Taking Off

Excellent knowledge of the territory, its regulations, and airspaces specificities should help them conduct their work according to the company’s standards and clients’ requests. This proximity should also benefit the timing of the image deliveries.

Sami Sarkis, HOsiHO’s CEO and an image professional with 30 years of experience, had this to say:

“In need of drone shootings in France, our foreign customers are often confused with the plethoric choice of telepilots available on the Internet. By using HOsiHO.net platform, the client is sure to work with a recognized professional. A single click on France’s map is enough to be connected with the drone operator close to the assignment location.”

HOsiHO’s drone pilots already provide some of the best quality photos in the world, boasting with international clients such as Disney, Fujifilm, and CNN. Their range of service covers almost all corners of the world.

HOsiHO Aerial Drone Footage Network France Example Photography Castle Clouds Sun

Building a network of artists

Mr. Sarkis said the company selected its pilots on the basis of strict criteria. The chosen pilots sign a charter of good practices and then go on to do their work with a wide array of customers. It is not only enough to have creative talent and knowledge in the photography domain.

The customers’ demands often require pilots’ expertise in the aeronautical zones’ regulation, as well as a DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authorities) certification.

Interested in their service? The average price revolves around the range of €350 to €1350 (around $400 – $1,531), depending on the equipment and required times.

YouTube: HOsiHO: Drone Footage Network in France

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by HOsiHO.
HOsiHO press release

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