High Tech Sunglasses: Music, Phone Calls, GPS and More


I’m blown away by how sophisticated wearable tech has become. It just keeps getting better and better. Soon we’ll be wearing all our devices, which might be a little odd when typing a blog post (smile). Today I’d like to tell you about a pair of high tech sunglasses that lets you listen to music and even make phone calls hands-free. It almost seems too good to be true, but these glasses are real. They’re called Buhel Sound Glasses.

These high tech sunglasses use bone conduction technology, which is what allows you to hear the music. This technology also allows other sounds into your ear, which is good so you won’t be oblivious to environmental noises if you wear these glasses while riding your bike, jogging or even driving. Of course, it has a noise-canceling microphone.


As you might expect, they connect to your mobile devices via Bluetooth. In addition to listening to music, these high tech sunglasses also allow you to make/receive phone calls and communicate with GPS, Siri or Google Now.

You can put your prescription lenses right into these frames if you prefer prescription sunglasses. The only downside to this wearable (which is the downside to most wearables) is battery life. It can last up to 300 hours on stand-by (which is impressive), but when you’re using it, you can only expect it last about 3 hours.

These glasses were available on Kickstarter earlier this month for $125. The Buhel team was seeking $80,000 in funding, and they raised over $416,000. Since their campaign is over, it looks like we’ll have to wait until they’re released to get a pair. Hopefully that will before the end of the summer. This is one wearable that I’m really looking forward to! They remind me a little of the Customized 3D Printed Wireless Earphones I wrote about a while back.


YouTube: SOUNDglasses SG05 (by Buhel)

Source: psfk
Photo credit: Buhel

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