Hideez Key: What’s My Password Again?


I keep hearing how much people dislike using passwords. This frustration grows as the requirements for more complex passwords increases as well to provide better security. If your password is too simple, machines can break it in relatively short time. But who can ever recall all these various passwords? If we write them down on a sticky note, we could just as well not use a password at all.

Hideez Key wants to make all that easier

What is Hideez Key about? Consider this small gadget as your smart lock companion that you carry around on your keychain, just like your car or house keys. You can store your credentials in the password vault, and automated scripts will help you paste the right password into each particular website and application without installing any plugins on top.

But what if someone knows how the Hideez Key works and uses it to get access to your things? Good that you ask. To activate the key, you must authenticate yourself first using the fingerprint sensor.

Hideez Key Size Comparison Euro Coin

Snap those culprits and ring the alarm

You can also make use of the Hideez Touch Guard to know who is fiddling with your stuff, while you’re not in the room. Just install the Hideez Safe app on your smartphone and the system will take photos of the culprit, if the device is moved around while it’s locked.

They also put an automatic theft alarm into the product, which goes off as soon as the Bluetooth connectivity between the Hideez Key and your smartphone goes weak and ultimately disconnects, if the devices are moved apart from each other.


Eye scanner on Android

Apple builds cool products, but the OS is a little restrictive about opening functions up to external developers. That’s why the eye scanner is currently only supported on Android OS devices.

With the eye scanner, you have another easy means of authenticating yourself and getting access to your phone, apps, and other services. Biometric authentication systems right now are cool and work, but they aren’t 100% secure. InfoSec experts demonstrated before how both fingerprint, eye scanners, and facial recognition can be bypassed. Unfortunately, all those cryptic, long, and hard-to-remember passwords are still the safest method for protecting your devices, apps, files, and web services.

Solutions like Hideez Key are great for consumers without critical data to protect, but enterprise users might want to look at corporate security grade solutions instead. If you feel that won’t be a problem for you at all, have a look at Hideez. It’s a beautiful solution overall and worth checking out. The Hideez Key costs $49. Let us know what you think about this product and drop us a comment below. Thanks and stay safe!

YouTube: Hideez Key English

Photo credit: Hideez
Editorial notice: Update to content on 15th of December, 2017.

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