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Heatbox: The Lunchbox That Heats Food with Steam

Most of us are so busy that we can’t find time to even cook proper, healthy meals. This lifestyle that we have adopted over the years is not good for our health in general that even eating properly is taking a hit.

On most days, we end up buying fast food just because we have to eat something. While some might have time to prepare their lunches in the morning, they have to use the microwave just to heat their food. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll have to make do with a cold lunch.

Luckily, four diverse individuals in Amsterdam with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, international business and entrepreneurship came together to bring a solution to this problem. This gave birth to Heatbox, a self-heating app-controlled lunch box that uses steam innovation and smart technology.

Smart technology

If you cook something the night before, it usually ends up being so dry when you heat it on the microwave. It ends up not being tasty at all, not to mention that most of the nutrients would be gone by then.

With Heatbox, you can make sure that food that has been prepared hours ago would still retain its quality. The container uses steam to heat your food, helping preserve all the nutrients of the food you made while also keeping it warm.

The lunch box is operated with an app so you can fully control it, and more. It can provide recipes and calorie intake. This is helpful for those who want to change up their meals a bit or just want to be more health-conscious. Aside from that, you can also time it to specific steaming programs according to what food you want to heat up.

Innovative portable design

The Heatbox’s aesthetic is very elegant and simple. It is made up of two containers. The outer container is used to heat the one on the inside. It is topped with a bamboo lid to complete the look. Inside, you’ll find the inner container where you’ll put your food in with its own lid.

The design also includes a unique, patent-pending, double sealing technology. With this seal, you won’t need to worry about leaking issues like what happens with regular lunchboxes.

The container is lightweight and it can heat up to 3 meals on a single charge. You can even charge it with your smartphone using a USB-C charging cable. That’s pretty handy especially for people on the go who want to heat their food up at any time.

The Heatbox made a successful appearance in CES Unveiled at Amsterdam last October. It is also scheduled to appear in CES next year. For now, the device is live on Kickstarter with an estimated retail price of €169. It has been fully backed up, but you can still opt to pledge to start at €199 for an Early Bird reward.

YouTube: Heatbox: The Self-Heating Lunchbox

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