Hearing Implant Helps Mother to Hear Her Children for the First Time


There are few things which can be hard to deal with in life, things that can be worse than not hearing or seeing. Unfortunately, thousands of people are forced to live their lives this way, and that’s a bad thing that we all need to try and abolish the best way we can. Thankfully, the technology has managed to evolve to much nowadays that we can find some unique, cohesive and easy to use solutions for this type of problem.

That’s exactly what happened in the case of Sarah Churman, a mother that up until recently she didn’t have the opportunity to hear anything due to a genetic problem she was born with. Maybe the tragedy here is that a mom just couldn’t hear her children at all, a very bad thing without a solution, at least she thought that way.

“I always had the desire to hear.”
– Sarah Churman

And that’s when the need for a hearing implant came into play. Once Sarah Churman got the Esteem Hearing Implant from Envoy Medical, things started to turn the right way in her life. Yes, having a bionic hearing implant is no longer a sci-fi novel epic, it’s something real and something that actually started to change lives towards the better.

Maybe the most emotional thing about Sarah Churman’s story is that she managed to hear her child for the first time in her life, a touching moment that does show how important the hearing implants really are nowadays. We look forward to see what the future will offer in this regard. Technology can not only make your phone smaller and your computer faster but technology can also help people with disabilities to gain senses, they have previously lost or in some cases, senses which they never possessed.

YouTube: Sarah. The Sarah Churman Story.

Photo credit: Luis Pena / Sarah Churman

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