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Whenever we talk about technological advancements we think of a new phone, a better computer or a new video game. While these are great for our entertainment, every technological advancement brings new opportunities in the health industry. This new year brings us some great things to look forward to in the future of medicine, some of them seeming very much from a movie. Below, we’ll discuss a few up-and-coming additions to the world of health gadgetry.

NeuroMetrix by Quell

The NeuroMetrix is being designed by Quell, a group of scientists and technologies that worked together to achieve this amazing device. Quell has been working to develop new devices that will ease pain and sleep disorders. The NeuroMetrix is wearable tech that you can carry on your leg or your arm and provides fast relief from chronic pains, without pills and shots. It stimulates your nerves to block the pain signal that is being sent to your brain — your nerves will still be hurting, but your brain will not know it, subduing the sensation of pain in a period of 15 minutes.


Basis Carbon Steel

This device looks like a watch, but it is much more useful than a timepiece. The Basis Carbon Steel is not just a fitness tracker; it is filled with sensors that can track your heart rate, perspiration levels, and your temperature. One of the more remarkable features is that it will actually tell you when it is time to start exercising. This is perfect for people who spend lots of time sitting down at work and work for long hours such as commercial truck drivers, who even have to work with companies like Driver Physicals to have their health regularly evaluated. With this little new helper, even a difficult work/life situation like that can become much easier to manage. The setup couldn’t be simpler. The tracker will know when you’re running, sleeping or exercising, it will track all of your data and it’s easy to use.


QuitBit Smart Cigarette Lighter

While this only appeals to smokers, it is very important to mention since smoking is an unhealthy habit. While the best solution is to quit, quitting is not always easy, and many people quit smoking only to come back to it a few weeks or even days later. For folks who have this sort of difficulty, or anyone who wants to quit smoking there, this smart lighter will help you quit smoking a little at a time.

The way it works is by having you assign a quit date; then it sets up a limit to the amount of cigarettes you can smoke a day. It does this by tracking the amount of times you light it and slowly drawing that number back in a way that it doesn’t feel like a drastic change.



These are just a few of the upcoming technologies that you can look forward to. These and other marvels are here to make sure we can have healthier lives and habits, and will do all the hard work of reminding us to work out while keeping track of our schedules and data.

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Lautaro Martinez is a freelance writer and family man who contributes advice and articles on a variety of topics affecting the home and everyday life.

Photo credit: Quitbit / Basis / NeuroMetrix

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