Data Cleansing: HCL’s Solution to Achieve Synchronized and Consistent Data


 “Absolutely no organization can stand up and say their data is 100% accurate. That’s never going to happen. The key is to identify which data really needs to be accurate, and how you can achieve that”, Ian Charlesworth, senior research analyst with Butler group. Data inconsistency and data cleansing processes have become more of a norm these days.

hcl-logo-large-gif-high-resolution-press-kit-not-officialThis organization was also facing the same problem of data inconsistency and needed to implement a data cleansing process. The exact needs of the company were:

  • To sort the existing data and prevent data inconsistency.
  • To remove irregularities and initiate a data cleansing process.

Data inconsistency exists when different versions of the same data appear in different places, this leads to the creation of unreliable data and ultimately resulting in information that is misleading.

An example would be if your company’s customer relationship management system sends out an invitation to 5,000 potential customers, but from this, 5% addresses are detected incorrect and another 10% are duplicated, you may end up losing loads of money.

How was the problem of data resolved?

HCL ( BPO solutions team provided access to the company’s systems and applications. After a thorough examination of the problem, the team was able to provide the following solution:

  • The professional team identified the gaps and found out the primary cause of data inconsistency.
  • This helped in devising a plan and rectifying the improper and inconsistent data.
  • An improvised data entry system was developed through various entry points and processes.
  • The team provided an alternate view of customer centric approach rather than the client’s policy centric database approach.

All of these factors above helped in cleansing the data and eradicating the inconsistencies, in essence preventing any future occurrences of inconsistency too.

HCL’s IT BPO team helped the client achieve a precise and synchronized data system which optimized the client’s performance and productivity.

The above article has been written by Experts at HCL Technologies. To know more about the topic, please check the case study on the subject published by HCL Technologies.

Photo credit: Nic McPhee

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