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Achieving Corporate Branding for Stock Exchanges in APAC

The importance of corporate branding spreads across improving a company’s market share and customer appreciation. Amongst the factors that improve corporate branding, refurbishing one’s internal portal or internal IT applications is one of them. For any company, this can be an important task on its own. So, let’s take a look at the hidden aspects that made a stock exchange company registered with the World Federation of Exchanges and the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation. With over 774 companies listed along with a combined capitalization of $650 billion, this company needed to be rebranded in a different way.

Achieving the impossible:

One of the key challenges faced by the client was to upgrade the current MOSS intranet portal that needed to be upgraded to SharePoint 2010. The exchange wanted to enhance the existing publishing platform. By automating and by enhancing the existing collaboration, the company wanted to re-brand themselves under the new platform. Improved content publishing and enhanced customized people search for the HR department was the aim that they were looking for. This solution could only be provided by business process management solutions.

Solution provided by HCL

When it came to providing solutions, they approached a leader in providing enhanced solutions to the clients with unique needs. One such company that managed to make a mark in the world of IT solutions was HCL Tech a technology consulting firm. Along with providing quality assurance, HCL Tech ensured that they had a production environment under which they were able to:

  • Build a completely new Virtual machine or a VM platform for a development
  • Provide re-branding strategies under the new SharePoint 2010
  • Improvising the Internal Portal and people search platform for the HR department
  • Improvising the platform for other key aspects of the company

Overall the company was thoroughly impressed with the new re-branded platform. Not only was the company able to achieve a better internal interface but also a potential to improve themselves in the eye of customers.

The above article has been written by Experts at HCL Technologies. To know more about the topic, please check the case study on the subject published by HCL Technologies.

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