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Jackson State University Example: Growing Interest for Science and Tech-Related Degrees

Many higher learning institutions around the country are noticing increasing interest in STEM-related jobs. STEM jobs include careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. One of the reasons why these majors are drawing more interest from students is because there are many good-paying jobs available in these important fields. According to the Brookings Institute, “20% of all jobs” in the U.S. are related to STEM fields. Because many of these positions are associated with above-average wages, incoming students are taking note when they select their majors.

Science and Tech: the Growing Interest

Many students entering college now are well aware of the recent economic crisis that affected the country. Many hope to study in a field that will lead them to good jobs–stable jobs that pay well. Schools like Jackson State University’s science program are working to attract students to these fields because they realize that there are available jobs out there and because these fields are so important to a strong economy. Students are also looking at careers where salaries are above average and where there are opportunities for growth.

Challenges for Students

Choosing to enter a STEM field, however, isn’t without its challenges. According to US News and World Reports, some students who enter these majors feel as if they weren’t prepared for the level of study required of them. Colleges are taking the difficulty of the fields into consideration and trying to provide support for students as they work through these challenging majors. Many colleges also offer grants for students who enter these fields, which also attracts plenty of interest as one might expect.

Attracting Teens

The ACT reports that there is still an “untapped pool” of interested students who are considering a STEM major when they attend college. The report suggests that many students have interest in these fields yet may choose alternate degree programs for a variety of reasons. The key for colleges is to assess why students choose other degrees if their interest lie in STEM fields. Colleges will need to work more closely with high schools and even STEM professionals to determine how to effectively steer this untapped pool of interested students toward degree programs where they are needed.

STEM Students Needed

As the nation increasing needs STEM students to fill important jobs in markets throughout the country, there will likely be even more initiatives to attract students to these fields. While interest is certainly growing, employers would like to see even more growth in STEM-related fields in order to ensure that good jobs are filled. Students should consider closely how these jobs could benefit their futures as they decide on an area of study.

Like Jackson State University, other higher learning institutions are experiencing growth in STEM majors, but there is still plenty of room for interested students. If you believe you would enjoy a career in math, science, engineering, or technology, be sure to find out more about careers in these fields.

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