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Google’s Nest Aware Keeps You Notified of Your Home

For many years, tech companies have been developing devices that aim to improve a person’s quality of life. Google has established a strong foothold on this idea with the Google Nest and its wide range of products.

When it comes to safety and comfort, they do not disappoint. Google Nest offers multiple devices such as WiFi routers and security cameras. These devices are maintained and work in unity within Google Assistant’s system. Similar systems were seen using Amazon’s Alexa, but the Google Nest system is on a league of its own.

However, a fundamental problem that one may have with security cameras is that they aren’t useful unless someone is constantly keeping an eye on them. Other minor inconveniences such as storage come second to this fundamental issue. Google has chosen to tackle this problem by releasing the Google Nest Aware, a video recording subscription for the Google cams.

Records movement and sound

Instead of having large storage drives or someone to keep an eye on the camera feed, the cameras record and store key moments in Google’s cloud storage. This uses motion detection to start recording when actions of interest occur, such as a delivery or even a robbery.

The camera sends an alert to certain Google devices that are connected to the Nest system such as phones or Google screens. Users can also set areas of high importance to get alerts when motion or sound is detected.

The recordings can be reviewed at any given time by accessing the saved data from the cloud using the Google account that was used to create the system. This can be helpful to check key moments from camera recordings without having to sift through hours of nothingness. The alerts can also help prevent potential break-ins by alerting people, within the house or outside, of the intrusion.

The Google Nest Aware subscription comes in at $6 a month or $60 a year. Meanwhile, the Nest Aware Plus subscription comes in at $12 a month or $120 a year.

YouTube: Don’t miss a thing with the new Nest Aware

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