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Google Tests New Hands Free Payment System

google_2015_logo_detailGoogle Wallet was a great product for Google in my opinion but as you can expect things like this won’t really last for a long of time because something new takes their place. I mean, if anyone innovates a lot in the tech world that’s definitely Google. And that’s where the new Hands Free Payments program comes into play.

The idea with Hands Free Payments is that it allows you to access the ultimate convenience. You can pay for things without having to lift a finger, there’s no need for credit cards or anything similar, all you have to do is to choose to pay with Google and that’s it.

The great thing about Hands Free Payments is that once you make any purchase all the card details aren’t shared with the stores so no one will know your personal information. This was maybe the most problematic issue but thanks to Hands Free Payments the lack of security when you purchase something now goes away. I was very impressed with the way the entire thing works to be honest and the fact that they do send a notification on your phone after the entire thing is done is nothing short of impressive.

This way you can pinpoint if someone tries to use your account to purchase something that you do not approve of. It definitely manages to enhance the experience and take it to the next level, something that’s very unique and exciting to be honest.

It’s interesting that this particular feature is supported by mobile phones which aren’t only from the new generation. Any iPhone 4S and Android 4.2 user or later will be able to enjoy this cool feature without any problem.

Maybe the only downside that I can think of when it comes to this particular feature is that they don’t really have a massive exposure at least not for the time being. Some might say that this is Android Pay but the reality is that this feature is quite different when compared to Android Pay, although there are a few resemblances to be honest. Yet Hands Free Payments is set to be even easier to use and at the same time you can also get discounts on your first purchase.

As a whole, I feel that Hands Free Payments does an amazing job with the new things it sets out to do and it really manages to bring in front some really exciting new features. If things will pay off or not that remains to be seen but I do hope that they will expand even more in the future and more regions will be able to enjoy the way Hands Free Payments works!

YouTube: Hands Free, by Google

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