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Google Photos’ Privacy Feature ‘Locked Folder’ to Launch on iOS

Digital privacy has been a growing concern over the past few years, especially with the digital acceleration of today’s technology. People are more cautious of technology, especially when it comes to the internet and their personal data.

Last month, Google Photos announced some new features towards privacy and security. Among these initiatives is their Locked Folder security feature, which was initially launched for Pixel and later this year for Android, to be available on iOS devices in early 2022. Notably, Pixel owners use this security feature in hiding sensitive videos and photos in the folder protected by biometrics or passcode.

Keeping your photos secure

The Locked Folder feature function to come on iOS next year should work the same way it operates on Pixel phones. It enables users to add individual photos to the folder. The photos saved here are solely hidden in the folder without backing up to the cloud or being shared. They won’t be available through Google Photos and other apps on the device. Also, items inside the folder are automatically deleted from Google servers and will only be saved as a local copy.

Expect a grid view of social media, allowing you to move its items. Another function of the feature is to delete the photos permanently. While you can save photos and videos directly taken from your camera to the Locked Folder feature, taking screenshots while inside this security space is not allowed.

User Security Guarantee

Google assures every user that the Locked Folder feature’s security functionality promises a safe haven for lifetime memories. Consequently, the search engine company takes pride in the encryption of the feature. It adds its capability in safeguarding the photos and videos that users would want to preserve and share.

The privacy-oriented Locked Folder function is part of Google’s security and privacy initiatives. Its other expansion plans include the centralized security hub of Pixel and the VPN along with Google One.

YouTube: Locked Folder Keeps Your Sensitive Photos and Videos Hidden – Pixel Feature Drop

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