Google Scales up G-Suite with Keep Integration and New Meet Conferencing Tool


Mountain View, US, February 28 — Google introduces enterprise-friendly conference and collaboration solution “Meet” and moves their note-keeping solution “Keep” into the G-Suite.

Keep joins G-Suite

Remember how we introduced Google Keep in our article about note-keeping and organization solutions? Google kept working on their solution and have now integrated it into their productivity work environment “G-Suite”.

You can now better incorporate notes into your documents and collaborate on files with others. Keep product owner Mario Anima states in his announcement, “Great ideas can surface in unexpected places. We created Keep to capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere—with smart tools to help you easily organize your notes, ideas, and to-dos. Starting today, you can capture your ideas for work: Keep is now a part of G Suite. You can also take your ideas and notes from Keep and easily add them to Docs for easier brainstorming.”

Google Keep in Docs G-Suite

Meet the new Meet

We haven’t seen a press release or announcement on the new conferencing and collaboration solutions by Google. Silently they have launched Meet, but big things await. Unfortunately it does not yet seem to be publicly available for hosts, but you can already join sessions if you know someone using Meet.

With Meet Google is attacking the enterprise conferencing market. They provide you with capabilities on doing voice-only or video conferences along with other collaboration options. Meet could mean serious competition for contenders like Cisco WebEx / Spark or GoToMeeting by Citrix.

Google Meet Screenshot News Release Collaboration G-Suite

How does Meet compare to the consumer-focused solution Hangouts? Sarah Perez reports on TechCrunch, “Like Hangouts, Meet also offers group video calls, not just video chat, but in an expanded capacity. Where Hangouts is limited to 10 people, Meet says it supports high-def video meetings with up to 30 participants.”

Meet and keep and collaborate as a team

Perhaps it will be possible to collaborate even better in G-Suite, making use of Meet, Keep, and all the other productivity apps. Working together live, while seeing each other and talking to each other makes remote teamwork a lot easier. Maybe Google can even scale this on an enterprise level. If not that, they might be having a strong impact on the collaboration market for SMEs.

After the referenced TechCrunch article, Google has seemingly removed the linked information websites on their pages and on the iTunes app store. Whether or not the solution has “officially” been released yet or not is unclear. Whether or not the service will be charged is not communicated yet. We are keen to see more in this space hopefully soon.

Photo credit: Google / Igor Ovsyannykov
Source: Mario Anima (Google) / Sarah Perez (TechCrunch)
Editorial notice: Feature image on top is generic. Unfortunately Google has not yet released more material to accompany the article.

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