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Good Doctor Technology Provides Virtual Care in Thailand

Access to good healthcare can be a challenge. Good Doctor Technology is tackling this challenge head-on by living up to their motto of “One Doctor for One Family in SEA“. First started operations in Singapore in 2018, they set up operations in Indonesia in 2019 followed by Thailand in 2020 where they set up their first traditional clinic. Just this August 6, 2021, they’ve been granted a telemedicine license from Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.

Good Doctor Technology’s Head of Medical Team in Thailand, Dr. Sudihichai Chokekijchai,  explained that “As a regional telemedicine provider, GDT Thailand has the advantage of drawing from best practice learnings and experiences from other countries where our services are already live.” He also shared that utilizing technology will help them reach more Thai patients creating “a bespoke service that meets the healthcare needs of digitally savvy Thai users.”

Good Doctor Technology
Image: Good Doctor Technology

What this means for Thai healthcare

Anyone with access to a smart device will have easy access to a healthcare provider. Currently, Good Doctor Technology is offering users connectivity to a doctor within 60 seconds of logging into the app, with an initial diagnosis and medicine prescription sent to a pharmacy in 15 minutes.

With its unique online-to-offline model, Good Doctor Technology allows for a patient to be handed off for physical consultation should they need it after the teleconsultation. The real clincher here is not only can you be handed off for an in-person consult, but you can also consult with the same doctor that you spoke with via the service.

Good Doctor Technology
Image: Good Doctor Technology

While this may seem like an almost impossibly high standard to achieve, it’s worth noting that between the Singapore and Indonesia entities, Good Doctor Technology has already served 15 million users to date. This approach to healthcare has the potential to grow exponentially and we will be watching this MedTech company as it becomes a forerunner in this field.

YouTube: Good Doctor Launches Healthcare Service App in Thailand

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