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Getting through the Day with Daybridge

We’ve seen a lot of project management tools that try to help as most of us continue to work from home. Businesses around the world have also invested in keeping track of their employees’ productivity as they settle into the new normal.

While all these tools are at the tip of our fingers and within the comforts of our homes, there’s no doubt that there are some who feel the days blurring into each other. Personally speaking, there are times that, even though I’m on track in terms of what I need to work on for the day, I still check my calendar on what day it is just to see that I’m not working on a weekend or a holiday.

It’s difficult for people who aren’t used to the work from home setting to balance these two aspects of their life, especially now that we’re forced to do so because of the current situation. This is why apps like Daybridge can help with keeping them apart.

Bridging the days

Unlike most apps out there that try to manage our calendar in terms of what we need to do, Daybridge is an app that attempts to manage the day as a person sees fit. It helps to give a general sense of what a person could be doing for the rest of the day without losing it altogether.

Unlike management apps geared towards work, Daybridge helps to know when the day begins and where it ends. Users can set up a time on when they should be waking up, how much time they’ll spend working, and what they should be doing afterward. It doesn’t require specificities or detailed action points. However, it helps the user see a general idea of the timeframes that a user is busy and helps point out the gaps.

One aspect that I like about Daybreak is that it provides customized smart cards that tell you exactly what it is you planned to do for that day. These cards can be color-coded and have little symbols on them to signify plans in a quick glance. Users can also add people to the card to remind them of a work meeting or perhaps go out for drinks afterward.

This way, Daybridge helps to creatively structure a day the way a user wants, helping them keep track of time for work and for themselves. Best of all, the app ensures that privacy comes first and that it will not have any apps pop up in between usage.

Daybridge assists in keeping work and personal life apart in the simplest way possible but with a little bit of creativity in it. Currently, the app is still in beta, but if you want to try it out, feel free to sign up for their program.

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