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How to Get a New Smartphone Every Year

Is there an ROI to smartphone? Is the pricing for modern smartphones justified? No matter what company’s products you prefer, the top models of each mostly cost more than 500$. But since they are ‘smart’ nowadays we use cellular phones for many things beyond just making phone calls. Is the pricing perhaps justified?

All the Things You No Longer Need

  • Alarm Clock – 30$
  • Landline Phone – 50$
  • Newspaper – 524$ (2$ per issue times 262 weekdays in a year)
  • MP3 Player – 100$
  • Digital Camera – 200$
  • Egg Timer – 5$
  • Notepad – 15$
  • Calendar – 20$
  • Phonebook / Address book – 15$

How about you? Which of these items did you not buy for some time because you just use your smartphone? Granted that you might not buy a newspaper every week day – there is still a lot of saving going on.

And of course – since you are using your smartphone for many others things as well that did not replace a legacy item in your household it is absolutely fine not to break even to what your smartphone costed.

How to Get a New Smartphone Every Year

IMG_2272If you’re a young tech savvy person, there’s a chance you want to have the latest smartphone but don’t have enough money in your pockets to pay the whole thing at once. Service providers offer you packages to pay monthly for the phone itself and the carrier services. A common pricing for such a package is 50$ every month for a fixed time of two years – that makes 24 months contract life time and it costs you 1,200$ overall being stuck with the same phone for the time-being.

If you buy your smartphone yourself and just get a basic service contract for texts, calls and internet usage you can save a lot of money and you will easily be able to upgrade to the latest smartphone every year or with every release of your favorite smartphone type so to say. Selling a mint condition second hand phone will definitely help you achieve that. With a nice smartphone case you can protect the value of your smartphone and even style it the way you like.

How about you? Do you have any more suggestions perhaps or thoughts? Why not share them with us in the comments section below?

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