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German Bank ING-DiBa Enables ‘Photo Payment’ for Smartphones

ING-DiBa-Logo-2000-px-high-quality-large-version-German-Bank-LionWe are moving slowly towards the digital banking as a whole nowadays, however there aren’t that many banks that use new technologies and innovate in this regard. Thankfully, there are some companies that do want to implement new, interesting and professional tech into the finance world and one of them is definitely ING-DiBa.

What makes ING-DiBa AG stand out is the fact that alongside providing a variety of digital solutions, they also innovated with something so extraordinary that few companies can actually rival it.

Simply put, this bank has managed to bring in a whole new convenience by allowing its customers to transform their smartphones into document scanners. Simply put, customers can scan all their bills and, what’s even more impressive, they can send them to the bank and pay them without any problem.

ING-DiBa has managed to offer this service while working together with Kofax, and the main reason for creating it is that they do want to provide more services and convenience in the hands of the user, while also becoming the ultimate digital bank in Germany and maybe the world as a whole. They took the Selfie trend and gave their clients a way to process financial data in a way they are comfortable with. The main focus here is the ultimate customer satisfaction, as well as the speed of the process, because everyone wants to pay bills fast, and this definitely brings in a new level of professionalism in this regard.

Uploading the documents is very fast and easy, so the results are definitely one of a kind here. Sure, there were some challenges when it comes to implementing such a product, and one of them was finding a good way to bring in great photo quality, as many smartphones do not manage to offer that. Moreover, the security was also an issue, and this is why it did take a while in order to come up with this service, but thankfully this is here to stay and with results that will impress everyone.

ING-DiBa wanted to offer more features for the client’s smartphones, and since just about any person owns such a device it can be very easy now to apply such a function in a professional manner.

All data you capture is sent to the bank and more specifically its backend system, then all the data is processed automatically. Money are transferred immediately without the need of an employee so the process is fast, secure and seamless, exactly as you would expect in this regard.

Is this a great solution? Considering the fact that most countries would like to get their hands on their technology and improve the current banking services we would say that yes, these services are indeed a necessity and using them is crucial for any bank. If they will catch on and actually be used in other countries, that’s another thing, yet we are pretty sure that we will find the response to this soon enough.

Photo credit: ING-DiBa

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