GamStop and SENSE: Why Are They Effective Together?


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With the rise of the pandemic, the world has experienced major growth in the gambling industry. The market value was predicted to be rising at a CAGR of 10.8%. The evaluation of the gambling industry worldwide is expected to reach 230.86 billion by the end of 2021. The entire industry emerged as one of the most profitable businesses all across the globe. The entire concept of gambling games is very impulse-driven. Not just the players are much likely to get addicted, if not well acquainted with all the tips and tricks, it is highly possible that he will eventually fail to level up the game and, with one stroke of bad luck, and will end up running in losses. The sole purpose of this article is to enlighten the readers about various techniques to save themselves.

As a word of caution, gambling should not be taken as a coping mechanism for personal problems but as an interest-evoking activity of the pastime. We are about to discuss technologies such as SENSE and GamStop and their heightened level of effectiveness when incorporated together.

If a seasoned punter is looking for some time out of his gambling habits,  these two names, SENSE and GamStop, come to play. These are two self-exclusion schemes helping punters to break out of addictive gambling. Although each one is unique in its own ways as well as the target audience is different, there are several similarities that they share considering the fact that both these services are there to serve the people in the UK.

About GamStop

GamStop is an independently operating self-exclusion scheme for all UK-based online casino operators and gamblers. This scheme offers UK citizens an opportunity to self exclude themselves voluntarily from online gambling as well as all the products related to gambling. But as says, some casino operators offer non GamStop casino gaming for UK players. The limitation carried by this scheme is that it only has powers over the UK-based online casinos and not beyond. In order to function lawfully, an operator has to obey all the rules of UKGC and work in partnership with GamStop.

If an operator refuses to abide by the GamStop rules, they will soon lose their license. The restrictions are imposed within 24 hours of registration by a punter which is applicable for all the websites related to online casinos, bingo,  poker, and video slots. Punters often reach out to offshore gambling sites in order to escape the GamStop restrictions, which includes the gambling sites licensed by Gibraltar, Australia, Macau, Curacao, and so on.


SENSE or Self Enrollment National Self Execution, as the name suggests, is a self-exclusion scheme targeted towards the UK-based gamblers looking for some time off from their usual gambling habits, specifically the ones that are offered by the land-based casinos in the UK. This program has power over All the licensed casinos under the UKGC. This option is absolutely voluntary for the gamblers yet a mandatory scheme for all the land-based casinos of the UK involving real money games.

In order to abide by the laws of UKGC and continue with an operational license, an operator has to participate along with SENSE as a part of its obligation. The program is powered by the National Casino Forum. After registration under SENSE, the details about the registered player have been shared across all the UK-based casinos, which will further restrict them from entering one as they are already under the block imposed by the National Casino Forum.

Conclusion: Why are they effective together?

Although GamStop and SENSE use similar technology, they are both very different in their motives. They are both serving different purposes, and that is the reason why incorporating both in practice ensures complete exclusion from gambling-related activities. If a person is suffering from severe uncontrolled gambling urges,  registering for both the schemes GamStop and SENSE will fetch better results. Since the target of both the schemes lies in different routes,  punters can take help from both to serve their purpose.

This makes sure they are facing restrictions from both online and offline gambling sources. There is no doubt both these services are suitable for people suffering from gambling problems in the UK. Once a punter signs for both the programs, his safety can be assured because he is restricted from entering all UK-based casinos. Although these people are banned from UKGC, they can access various gambling sites that are registered under offshore licensing authorities, for which they need blockers like Gamban, Gameblock, Betfilter, Netnanny, and so on.

These will make sure no gambling-related news or any services related to gambling are accessible through the devices used by registered gamblers. Just to be on the safer side, it is crucial to adapt to these services, at least for the time it takes to completely get over the impulse.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Standret.

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