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G8 ThinQ: LG Tries to Re-Introduce Gesture Control on New Smartphone [Video]

LG tried to hype the smartphone scene before the MWC 2019 with some teaser videos that received millions of views, even though they didn’t really show or tell anything there. Some already guessed it right, LG is going for gesture control features that come with the LG G8 ThinQ phone. They call it “Air Motion” and I’m almost certain it requires the LG Android version to work.

Samsung tried to implement air gestures already on their Galaxy S4 about six years ago without a great adoption rate. Why would LG try to re-introduce that? Perhaps the Samsung patent expired? Here’s a hands-on video from the Engadget channel on YouTube for you to check yourself. Do you like the feature or do you think it’s a case of dead-on-arrival?

On another note, LG is also pushing this hands-free operating features to their ThinQ home appliances and they are also releasing a smartphone with a flip-screen / dual-screen called LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

YouTube: LG G8 ThinQ Hands-On at MWC 2019 – Hands-free handset

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by LG and was made available for editorial usage. The referenced smartphone is the one on the right side of the photo.

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