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Fold Them and Wrap Them up, Here Are the Furoshiki Shoes from Vibram

I always love to get new shoes and show them to friends, but I specifically like the comfort that they offer. However, there are downsides as well because if you do end up going off-road or somewhere off the radar so to speak, you might end up dirty.

This requires you to carry a new pair of shoes, something that’s not necessarily a very good idea nor does it offer the great results and quality that you might expect in the end. But there are some alternatives and it seems that the Furoshiki shoes, from Vibram, are here to help you with that.

What the Furoshiki shoes offer you is an alternative to regular shoes. Simply put these are foldable shoes that you can easily carry around with you if you so desire. They manage to bring in front a lot of value and a stellar attention to detail but they also have some interesting features.

These wrapping soles are wrapping around your foot and they do have a solid base which makes them comfortable when you walk around. They will also protect you against any hazards and problems that might appear which is always very important for any type of sole.

Another thing to note here is the fact that aside the foldable, wrapping design I do like the feasibility offered here. The product is designed with a great quality in mind and it’s a very professional one as well. That’s what manages to offer a very good value and the end result is well worth it because of that.


The wrapping technique is deceptively simple which does offer quite a lot of value here. You will enjoy the fact that these shoes are fashionable and very professional which does matter quite a bit for people that do trekking a lot. They are designed with a great quality in mid and at the same time you won’t have to fear about safety either.

Also, they do have quite a lot of models to choose from and the fact that there are so many colors does bring in front some great possibilities. It’s always nice to see something new on the market and these shows are the epitome of quality and attention to detail. They are also created with the highest professionalism in mind which is always a major plus.

For $110 I feel that these shoes are simply stunning and the quality that they deliver is nice for sure. It’s not easy to find a good pair of shoes that can fold to your feet but the Furoshiki shoes are in a league of their own. I like and enjoy these shoes and I do recommend you to visit their shop, where you can find more of them!

YouTube: These shoes wrap around your feet like socks (Insider)

Photo credit: Vibram

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