Want a Unique Style? Try the ZIPPELIN Inflatable Travel Bag!


We wrote about the products by FREITAG, from Switzerland, before and how they are both unique and environmentally friendly, but today we saw their latest innovation; the ZIPPELIN, an inflatable travel bag made of recycled truck tarps.

What’s cool about that?

Well, next to the fact that recycling materials is a great way of not polluting the environment, the design of the ZIPPELIN travel bag is stylish and functional. Each product is unique, and you can store a lot of your things in it when you’re traveling. When you’re not traveling just let the air out, and it returns to its very compact size.

The FREITAG Truck Spotting team makes sure to find and use only the coolest truck tarps out there. They don’t just use anything for their products. These folks carefully pick tarps and cut them to make a cool design. They also make sure to wash them thoroughly before they assemble the products.

Anything difficult about this?

When you’re checking your baggage in, before a flight, you just remove the wheels. That’s not too complicated, but you shouldn’t forget about that part to protect your ZIPPELIN bag from getting damaged.

FREITAG ZIPPELIN style example recycled truck tarp inflatable travel bag

What fits in this thing?

As per FREITAG marketing, the ZIPPELIN traveling bag has a capacity of 85 liters (5200 in³) to store your clothes and whatever else you need to bring with you on a trip. Yet, it doesn’t take up a lot of space when you don’t need it. You just deflate it, by letting all the air out and then you can roll it up and store it anywhere you like.

Without anything inside it has a weight of 3.6 kg (8 lbs). It has a zipper compartment, a sleeve for magazines, one-handed grip, stunt wheels with skateboard bearings, stainless-steel quick-release axles and a special zipper compartment to place your wheels and axles while they are not attached to the bag so that they don’t get lost.

FREITAG ZIPPELIN carrying styles example kickstarter crowdfunding fashion green crop

How to get a ZIPPELIN bag?

FREITAG is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this product with the plan of shipping them between May and August 2018. Early bird price of backing them is €350 ($418), and the retail price is projected to be €520 ($622). The campaign is still running until the 12th of October, but the price per unit might go up as the early bird packages are limited.

If you want to test the ZIPPELIN yourself, you can try out a sample unit in stores in Zurich, Basel, Tokyo, Bangkok, Taipeh, Singapore, Melbourne, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna and Milano. Check their website for more information. What do you think about the ZIPPELIN inflatable travel bag made of recycled truck tarps? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!


Photo credit: FREITAG

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