Framen: The Startup with New Ways for Advertising


We live in a digital era where technology has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. As time goes by, businesses are finding that they have to be digitally present to operate successfully. This includes having a successful digital marketing strategy to attract clients and customers. That’s where Framen comes in.

This German startup was founded in 2018 by Dimitri Gärtner, Alexander Gärtner, Sveatoslav Podobischi, and Magdalena Pusch in the belief that traditional advertising is outdated. Framen specializes in targeted advertising through screens in semi-public venues. Moreover, they work with many industry partners, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, coffee bars, fitness studios, etc. Its purpose is to develop hyper-targeted advertising opportunities to connect with the target audiences more efficiently.

How they work

FramenFramen creates addressable context advertisement, which means that they show ads that are targeted at individuals according to their preferences instead of a wider market. In the case of Framen, they show their TV ads in semi-public venues.

Interested advertisers would simply need to identify their target audience and upload the ad to start the campaign. In turn, Framen will show the ad on specific locations that cater to the target group, such as hotels, co-working spaces, gyms, and many others. This means that advertisers will get a contextual hyper-targeted audience based on Framen’s technology that has collected data of the consumers within these venues. This also makes this method cost-effective.

Also, Framen allows advertisers to preview and watch their ad played on the screens live. The advertisers are also provided real-time analyses and reports on the ad with Framen’s screen ecosystem.

The benefits

As mentioned, Framen helps advertisers to reach their target group innovatively and transparently with contextual hyper-targeting. Their technology also allows for a more organic way of reaching out to potential clients.


Aside from that, the programmatic placement of these moving ads reaches almost three times more brain encoding in comparison to the static poster advertising. Advertisers can use Framen primarily as a reach medium or for precise performance measurement. Connecting additional services such as Google Analytics also increases the success of the advertisers’ campaigns.

Consumers can benefit from Framen in various ways too. They receive relevant news and inspiring content. The content published from Framen is always interesting and informative, displaying offers, images, videos, and much more to keep the audience entertained.

Aside from that, a screen provider can also generate income each time an ad campaign is booked into it. This way, screen providers also earn money as they provide customers relative ads that align with their interests through Framen.

An asset-light business model

Framen uses an asset-light business model that allows efficient implementation of the digital signage software on screens and the programmatic booking platform. Via Framen, the cloud technology activates the screen and makes it bookable, which means that there is no investment needed. With this platform, every screen network from locations like hotels, fitness centers, restaurants, etc. can be connected to Framen and become bookable.

YouTube: Become Advertiser With FRAMEN (German)

Photo credits: The illustrated image is a still frame from the presented video and is owned by Framen. All other images used are also owned by Framen and have been provided for press usage.

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Simona Boskova
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