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Unleashed ’22 Camera Module Helps with Advanced Photography

Foolography, a German company that creates smart accessories for photography, has revealed an updated version of Unleashed ’18. Meet, Unleashed ’22, the latest Bluetooth bridge for cameras and smartphones.

According to Foolography, Unleashed ’22 is the “Swiss army knife of camera accessories.” It is a tiny module that connects the camera to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The all-in-one compact module enables you to geotag your pictures and videos. The main goal of this device is to remotely capture photos and videos while allowing the user to change settings and modes through its accompanying smartphone app to expand the photography options for the users.

Features of the Unleashed ’22 Bluetooth module

Unleashed ’22 is a tiny but interesting device that’s designed to stay on the camera. Moreover, it works on the camera’s battery, making it more versatile. As the successor to Unleashed ’18, this new version takes things a step further and supports more than 144 DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Foolography Unleashed 22 Camera Module Helps with Advanced Photography
Image: Foolography

Now, Unleashed ’22 is compatible with Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic cameras, significantly enhancing the market range for Foolograpy. Moreover, it has better control over the camera with more modes, settings, and options for fine-tuning. Other than these basic features, the module is 10x faster than its predecessor and offers in-camera geotagging, long exposure up to 4.5 hours, intervalometer, intelligent auto ramping algorithm for day and night time-lapses, and photos and video preview in the app.

Time-lapse settings
Image: Foolography

Aside from that, Unleashed 22 allows you to preview HD images and videos due to its faster transfer. You can also download and share pictures with geotags.

More photography options with the smartphone app

The Unleashed app has an interactive and friendly interface that allows the user to change camera settings without touching the camera. Foolography has added a setting that will adjust the shutter speed when you remove or add the ND filter. Moreover, they have included several simple and expert time-lapse features. An exceptional time-lapse feature is an auto-adjusting exposure, which will be helpful in day to night transitioning time-lapses.


Intelligent auto mapping algorithms and external intervalometers are pretty beneficial. During timelapses, the Bluetooth module can sync intelligently with the movement of motion controllers and sliders. It can also handle up to 6 cameras easily. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Foolography Unleashed 22 Camera Module Helps with Advanced Photography
Image: Foolography

Overall, the device is straightforward to use; it will rapidly pair with a new device and connects automatically to a previously connected device. The app is straightforward; it will take seconds to understand the app comprehensively if you are a photographer. The Kickstarter campaign has recently been concluded, but you can still catch it at Indiegogo. It is priced at $150, with estimated delivery in December 2022.

YouTube: Foolography Unleashed ’22 Camera Module [Overview + Examples + Comparison]

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Foolography and were provided as part of a press kit.
Editorial notice: Update 10th of December – Based on feedback we received from Foolography we have corrected some parts of the copy to make the messaging clearer and to avoid confusion around the solution’s features.

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