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Flow Hive: Beehive Reinvented, Gives You Honey on Tap

Bee-keeping is a hobby that has gained a bit of following over the years. The increasing public awareness on the dwindling population of bees over the years has spurred a growing number of enthusiasts. Despite the growing interest, beekeeping was (and still) entails a great deal of tedium. Noting the amount of work that goes into bee-keeping, apiarists Stu and Cedar Anderson began tinkering with new methods to extract honey.

Traditional Honey gathering involved a lengthy process which was inevitably very stressful for bees. The technology they came up with became known as the Flow System which allowed beekeepers to harvest honey without causing a great deal of disruption to the hive. One of their newest products, the Classic Cedar 6 Frame is a showcase of the work that its makers put in.


Honey harvesting made easy

The Flow Hive Cedar 6 allows beekeepers to harvest honey by turning a tap. This saves bees from the experience of having their hives cracked open whenever it’s time to harvest honey. It also saves the beekeeper from roughly an entire day’s worth of work.

Diagram of how the Flow Hive works Flow

It’s also a nice way to involve the young and pique their interest in beekeeping. Numerous reports have indicated that there is a noticeable decline in bee populations worldwide. Creating avenues to draw the attention of the young towards bees and their significance is definitely a plus.


Beekeeping will always entail work

Though it’s important to note, that the Flow Hive isn’t a magic tap that houses bees and generates honey.  As with similar ventures dependent on natural processes, it’s a bit more complicated than what marketing campaigns let on. There’s more to making honey with the Flow Hive than buying the Cedar 6, stowing bees in the frames and leaving them there. Bees are complex creatures that thrive under specific conditions. Regularly monitoring the condition of the hive as well as beekeeping knowledge is vital to keeping the colony alive and healthy.

Before any actual harvest, experienced or aspiring apiarists still have to monitor the hive’s health regularly and to make sure that any extraction is not premature. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered in keeping a colony healthy. So it’s still definitely a good idea to link up with local beekeepers for more practical knowledge. Interested in the options and pricing? Make sure to visit their webshop for more details or browse their startup site on Amazon.

YouTube: Flow Hive Full Reveal

Photo Credit: Images of Flow products were provided by Flow Hive and BeeInventive Pty Ltd.

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