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FlatMap: Sustainable Packaging for Sliced Food Products

Thermoforming and tray-sealing specialist SEALPAC released its new sustainable packaging innovation for sliced products called FlatMap. While the packaging put sliced products like cheeses and meats under a modified atmosphere, it also reduces up to 75% of plastic waste.

Sealpac FlatMap Sustainable Packaging for Sliced Food Products - Cheese Example
Image: Sealpac

The company says the new FlatMap solution puts sliced meat, seafood, and dairy items on a flat cardboard container. The thin protective layer-coated container makes the products stable and serves as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and fat. Apart from that, SEALPAC boasts that FlatMap’s reclosable design, easy-to-separate cardboard layer, and plastic film, and secure sealing for maximum shelf life.

Sealing food while reducing plastic waste

FlatMap seals the food items under a modified atmosphere with its thin lidding film that prolongs their shelf life. SEALPAC notes that both its protective layer and lidding film are polyolefin-based, making it fully recyclable and easy to peel off from its cardboard.

SEALPAC explains the consumer-friendly feature of the pack’s opening with its peel tab, which allows simultaneous plastic waste disposal. The flat design makes the products resealable and storable in the fridge without re-packing.

Whether presented vertically or horizontally on shelves, the FlatMap range looks innovative and appealing to every customer. The packaging also provides a ready-to-serve look for your food items.

Sealpac FlatMap Sustainable Packaging for Sliced Food Products - Example Food
Image: Sealpac

Meanwhile, the cardboard carrier can be printed in high quality for the brand image, product explanations, and consumer communication. These can be separately thrown as paper waste. Moreover, the company collaborated with Van Genechten Packaging and Buergofol for the FlatMap system’s cardboard carrier and lidding film.

This innovation definitely provides a more sustainable food packaging solution, especially for the food manufacturing industry. For companies who are interested in availing of this product, you’ll need to have SEALPAC’s A-series traysealers for the best results.

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Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Sealpac.

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