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Latest Fitness Trends in Japan Include VR Exercising

Lately, I have been interested in the future of VR and its potential. For now, VR is mainly serving entertainment purposes. However, it has gradually come into other aspects of our lives. During my research I came across the following two innovative applications of VR technology.

Fly with the Icaros

It is a fitness machine in which you can exercise while you enjoy a virtual reality experience. Fitness gyms in Tokyo became the first ones in Asia to install fitness devices with VR technology. The machine is called “Icaros” (image above) and the users will equip a headset and ride the machine face-down.

During exercise, the users can enjoy the view of a flight or a SF world. As the users have to sustain their whole weight with their hands and legs during their flight, this machine is excellent for working on core muscles.

Icaros was developed by a German startup company, who are also named “Icaros” after their primary product. They are on the market since April 2016. However, this is not the only VR exercise available at the moment.

VirZOOM makes treadmill exercises more fun with VR

VirZoom VR Bicycle Exercising Fun Virtual Reality Biking Bike Side View

VirZOOM is a virtual reality system in which you have to pedal your bike to move in-game. Experiences that are available include F1 racing, war games, and sky-flying, horseback riding and other kinds. You can also compete with other users online. In order to try VirZOOM, you need to get the VirZOOM exercise bike, a computer on which you can play VirZOOM games, and a VR headset.

This exciting new technology surely motivates us to exercise so much more. It’s more fun and easier to keep at it through gamification. Personally, I can’t imagine myself purchasing this equipment, because I am a conservative girl, who enjoys traditional exercises like dance or running (I don’t even like treadmills!). However, I would love to give it a try and would definitely recommend this to those who use treadmills.

Also, this is fascinating news because VR technology is finally starting to expand into people’s everyday life, and no longer is just an entertainment technology. We will probably see VR coming to many other aspects of our life in next years.

YouTube: ICAROS Multi Player Race

YouTube: VirZOOM Arcade mixed reality demo HD

Photo credit: Icaros / VirZoom

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