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Find Professionals with Free Video Calls Through Awesome Peers

Businesses around the world rely on constant communication to collaborate with others like Kadir Firkan Kiraz. For him, he frequently connects with people with his projects through Superpeer, one of the many video platforms out there that host live sessions. While the app allowed creators and experts to share their knowledge via its all-in-one video platform, it doesn’t have a filter or option where you can search for people who offer free video calls.

Kiraz decided to use this opportunity to create an air table list of people offering free video calls through Superpeer so that he can connect more with other people. With his expertise in the software development industry for more than seven years, he created his first project in the form of Awesome Peers.

Awesome Peers
Image: Kadir Furkan Kiraz / Awesome Peers

The main goal of Awesome Peers is to help people connect with others by providing a directory of users who have free video calls on Superpeer. This includes a growing list of professionals from various industries. Kiraz started development on this on July 4, 2021, and launched five days later.

One-Click Registration

Accessing the Awesome Peers list is not hard at all. There’s no need to download an app to see it; you can simply visit its website through your mobile devices or desktop computer. You also won’t have to worry about your privacy or security since it only needs your email address.

Once you register with your email address, click the “Reach Full List” button. You’ll then receive an email containing a website link where you can access the complete list of experts. With this one-click process, you’re a minute away from connecting with professionals.

Awesome Peers
Image: Kadir Furkan Kiraz / Awesome Peers

One user even says that he made more than $600 affiliate revenue after meeting and learning from someone from the Awesome Peers list. Other feedback includes appreciation as they have more than 900+ people at the tips of their fingertips. And again, these experts offer free one-on-one calls.

From WordPress developers to software architects, cyber threat intelligence analysts to psychotherapists, CEOs to illustrators — these people are on the Awesome Peers’ list. You may find experts to help you grow your brand, whatever industry you’re in.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by LinkedIn Sales Solutions. All other images have been provided by Kadir Firkan Kiraz for press usage.
Sources: Kadir Firkan Kiraz (Awesome Peers) / Product Hunt

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