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Fashion Startup Front Row Society Opens First Retail Store

15-July, Frankfurt – Fashion label startup Front Row Society opens first retail store in Frankfurt, Germany with 280 m2 shopping space. The Berlin-based startup was founded in 2011 by Florian Ellsaesser and successfully completed two seed investments campaigns via crowdfunding platform Seedmatch shortly after. 

The vision behind Front Row Society was to allow independent designers in all seniority degrees to submit their designs to the startup which would then let the community vote on what will be on the next collection.

At first they had an ecommerce online store where people could buy the products that ended up in the collections. Later they leveraged retail partners to sell their products in their stores and finally now they have opened their own store in Frankfurt. In order for you to get a little feeling how it was like over there, we have posted a video of the event on our Instagram account.


Yesterday evening, on Friday the 15th of July, Front Row Society hosted an inauguration event and invited national and international influencers and VIPs to the scene. As I was also present in Frankfurt at that time, they were kind enough to also invite me to the event and get a first hand feeling on how the final shopping experience is going to be like.

Next to examples from the Front Row Society collection of scarfs and handbags, they also displayed products from April Aromatics, Vieri and Fashion for FloorsLouise Gibson, one of the artists represented in the current collection, has also been present at the event and was available to answer questions from the crowd.

I will certainly check the store out again when it is fully available for customers and shopping fans. We wish them all the best and hope for a lot of sales and good interaction with the community. If you are over in Frankfurt, you can easily find them in the prime shopping area.

YouTube: New Fashion Label – Front Row Society

Photo credit: Christopher Isak
Editorial Notice: Author is a stakeholder of Front Row Society.

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