Fallout 4 Coming in November?


We all know that the Fallout series is designed to be a vision into the post-apocalyptic world, but the RPG elements as well as astounding gameplay have managed to boost the series towards top sales rather quickly.

A little time ago, Fallout 4 has officially been announced by Bethesda, bringing to an end years after years of continued speculation. The game is set to come for the PC and the major next generation consoles. Not only the dev team announce the game, but it also brought in front a trailer that provides quite a lot of details about the game as well.

First, based on the images from the trailer you can easily see that the new location will be Boston. Some might have already expected this considering the events that took place in Fallout 3, but actually seeing this come to life brings us a lot of joy!

We will be able to explore the Commonwealth, a location brimming with war and despair and the home of MIT as well. Here we will also be able to find the railroad which is the direct opposite of the aforementioned institute and which will actually play a major role in the events of this game.

Interesting enough, the game is set to bring in quite a lot of interesting developments as a whole, because it will provide us with even more, expansive and interesting gameplay opportunities.

Even though no other official info has been brought up, aside from the trailer, since E3 is close enough, we can only speculate that more info will be released there.

What we can expect however are more weapons, a larger and expansive game world as well as a ton of cool stuff that we can check out. Considering Boston and the legacy that Bethesda has when it comes to creating massive worlds, we can only imagine that we will be able to enjoy a very large game world with lots of quests and opportunities being offered for us.

It’s a shame that not many information is being offered as of now, but the trailer we can access right now is indeed amazing and quite impressive as a whole, so to be honest we can’t wait to see the direction that the new game will take, and maybe see a glimpse of it via a gameplay video.

Real-Pipbox-Wearable-Device-gadget-Fallout-Game-CosplayWhen it comes to the release date, obviously there is no word about that, but we can only speculate that the game might come anywhere around Q3 – Q4. On Gamesradar.com they said release date is going to be the 10th of November this year and we hope it can be done without any delay because we can’t wait for this to hit the shelves (and HDDs alike).

if you are a die-hard fan you also need to look into the Pip-Boy edition of the game that comes together with a real wearable Pip-Boy device as you know it from the game.

YouTube: Fallout 4 – Official Trailer (Bethesda Softworks)

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