Fable Legends: Back to Albion


The Fable series has been one of the most interesting RPGs released recently, and even though the third installment didn’t fare as well, Lionhead Studios are still trying to bring attention towards it with a new installment, called Fable Legends.

Fable Legends is designed as a free to play cooperative RPG with action elements in which you will need to solve quests and have a lot of fun completing missions, leveling up, all while playing with your friends.

The core idea here is based around having four heroes and a villain. The roles can be taken either by the AI or a real life player, but the experience is roughly the same as the heroes have to attack the enemy in the best possible way while he will try to send as many creatures as possible into the game world.

Despite being a multiplayer game at its core, it seems that the title will still be playable by a single person, which is a good idea considering the experience.

Heroes in Fable Legends have their own abilities, powers as well as a unique gameplay pattern, and thankfully each one of them has a different type of attacks which makes the overall experience stunning, demanding and sometimes a little frightening, depending on the situation.

Villains on the other hand will have a limited number of creature points to be used, and this definitely manages to place a certain limit to the overall gameplay.

While the hero side is more of an RPG, the reality is that for a villain this turns more into a strategy experience, which is really nice. The ability to have two similar experiences while playing the same game is astounding and that’s what makes the title a great way to relax.

Alongside exploration, you also get the social play which made the Fable series a one of a kind, extraordinary title as a whole. Being able tom customize characters, looks, armor, abilities and so on is included as well, and also leveling, so there are nice things to check out in the title, that’s a guarantee. How good they are and how exciting the experience will be remains to be seen, as the game isn’t out yet, and at this particular time you can enter the multiplayer beta, with no sound release date other than a vague 2015.

Still, Fable Legends is promising a lot of stuff, and after seeing the trailer as well as gameplay images I, for one, I am confident that it will turn out great and maybe remove the disappointment that I felt from Fable 3. If you want to check out Fable Legends then you can easily do that by enrolling in the multiplayer beta which will take place sometime this summer. If you find it interesting, place it in your gaming calendar and prepare for yet another incursion into the world of Fable sometime in Q3.

YouTube: Fable Legends Official Trailer

Photo credit: Lionhead

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