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ESTI Eye: Adding the Power of Android to Your iPhone

Ever found yourself contemplating whether to purchase an Apple iPhone or an Android? Which has the better interface, iOS or Android OS? Maybe you can’t decide or maybe you just want the best of both worlds. Whatever it may be, ESTI has got you covered with their new case – Eye.

Catered to iPhone users who wish their phones were just as flexible as an android’s, ESTI has created a phone case that features a glass screen on the back. Once worn on an iPhone, the external screen on the case showcases your iPhone running with an android interface. This feature may be great for android users who are getting used to their iPhones or for iPhone users who are unsure of whether they should make the switch to an android.

What are the features?

This ingenious case showcases a 5-inch display, offers 2 extra sim card slots, features an IR Blaster and fits the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 as well as the 7Plus. Which makes it absolutely perfect for iPhone 7 users who are not so satisfied with the unnecessary changes made by Apple. To what am I referring to?

It’s no secret, avid iPhone users do often envy the convenience of a headphone jack and maybe the ability of wireless charging. With the Eye, users are able to plug their standard 3.5 mm headphones straight into the case without the hassle of purchasing an extra headphone dongle.

Wireless charging? No problem. Once your iPhone is in the case just place your phone on any wireless charging pad and watch as your phone loads up on its battery life; without you worrying about plugging in any cords.

ESTI Eye: Adding the Power of Android to Your iPhone

More specs

Speaking of batteries, did you know that the Eye also acts as an extra battery pack? Once your iPhone runs low on power just stick it into this case to receive 2800mAH extra battery life. Leave your battery pack at home because this case has definitely got you covered. Many iPhone users often struggle with space on their device due to the lack of an extra micro SD slot, however, ESTI’s Eye has also solved that issue magnificently as this case allows up to 256GB extra physical storage.

For many iPhone users who struggle with capturing the perfect selfie, you guessed it, this case has got you covered too. It’s no secret, whilst the iPhone’s rear-facing camera might feature a fairly decent 12-megapixel camera, the front facing 7-megapixel camera often leaves you with a mediocre selfie. With ESTI’s Eye case, you’ll be able to utilize the iPhone’s rear camera for your selfies whilst still having a full view of your shot through the extra android screen on the back of the case. During the use of this feature, the android screen will mirror the display on your iPhone screen; enabling you to capture your best angle.

Where can I get one?

ESTI’s Kickstarter project has now ended, hence, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to obtain a prototype. Thankfully, due to how well this case was received, ESTI has overshot their Kickstarter goal by over $560, 000. Meaning, that this project has secured its funding and soon you’ll be able to get your hands on Eye once ESTI releases the official version of their Eye iPhone case.

YouTube: Eye FULLY WORKING prototype

Photo Credit: ESTI

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