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EmoShape: Allowing Machines to Become Sentient for better AI, Robotics, Gaming, and IoT

Although you may not notice it, artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us and its presence is ever-growing. According to some predictions, before the end of this century humans will interact more with sentient machines than with other humans. And while you may argue why this is true or false, good or bad, the truth remains that AI and robotics are here to stay.

EmoShape, a step toward AI future

There are many companies that delve into the field of robotics and AI, but there are few that focus on providing an edge computing solution (cloud + chip) that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans with a goal of a positive result.

Top shot of the EPU-II
Top shot of the EPU-II

One such company is EmoShape Inc. and it is working on developing an emotion synthesis chip (EPU) technology. This technology could have its uses in numerous sectors, including self-driving cars, virtual reality, affective toys, IoT, pervasive computing, and other major consumer electronic devices.

They are also working on EPU-II, the Emotion Processing Unit that will find its purpose in human-machine interaction, motion speech synthesis, emotional awareness, emotion reasoning, machine emotional intimacy, AI’s personalities, machine learning and affective computing, and in diverse fields as medicine, advertising, and gaming. In short, the EPU technology allows AI, games, robots, and IoT to become sentient by experiencing more than 64 trillion possible emotional states every 1/10th of a second.

Allowing machines to truly understand us and themselves

This breakthrough technology will make it possible for machines to be truly intelligent, to understand and sense what they say so they could modulate their voice, facial expressions, body language, to fit their emotions. This will open the path for advanced affective agents (AAA) in soft toys, driverless cars that respond faster when making complex decisions, robots with different and unique personalities, learning from human interactions, and much, much more.

Top shot of the EPU USB dongle
Top shot of the EPU USB dongle

EmoShape’s goal is to remove the barrier to widespread adoption of AI, robotics, and virtual reality in society as a whole, and it looks like they are doing a great job in achieving this.

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