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Elevate Your Marketing Visuals with HYPERVSN’s Holo Tech

For decades, we’ve been used to seeing posters, flyers, and billboards as a form of advertising. But as the business world evolves, so do marketing strategies. To stand out, you must give the public something unique and memorable.

An innovative London-based company called HYPERVSN came up with 3D holographic visuals that seem to be floating mid-air. With a tagline like “See Extraordinary,” they aim to create an impactful experience for people who view their display.


Putting a new spin to advertising

HYPERVSN provides a high-quality 360 system that is LED-based. It draws the viewers’ attention which in turn helps increase brand awareness and sales. They are best to use for events, digital signage campaigns, menu boards, holographic billboards, public announcements, and window shops, just to name a few.

The holographic display of HYPERVSN has a four-ray rotor that spins at a speed of 670 RPM. It’s so fast that you won’t see the rays spinning. The viewers would only see clear visuals on it, regardless if it’s in daylight or nighttime, under extreme temperature, or even behind glass. The device is portable and lightweight, weighing only 2.8kg. It can project to over 16 million hues and is customizable in terms of size and features like gesture sensors and voice triggers.

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Now, you don’t have to be a graphic design pro to create your 3D content. HYPERVSN 3D Studio helps the users to create 3D content from scratch. You can easily convert any image, let’s say a company’s logo, into 3D with just a few clicks. There are also some templates available for you to use, or you may utilize their in-house team of designers to customize your content.


Managing the displays

The Content Management System helps in the creation, upload, display, and management of the visuals that are shown on the device. This can also be managed through any mobile device called Solo App – available both on Android and iOS – which allows users to get content into HYPERVSN Solo. Content could also be managed through Cloud Pro, which is available upon subscription.

The company also has an HYPERVSN Solo device available in 22″ or 30″ sizes. If you’re unsure of the product, though, they offer rental packages that would fit anyone’s needs. Once the trial period is over, you may decide to keep it or return the device to get your deposit back.


They also have the HYPERVSN Wall for holograms that are 40″ or more. These 3D displays can be mounted on walls with wood framing or oriented strand board and would be protected with a transparent plexiglass screen.

Over time, HYPERVSN won several awards, including Top 3 British Innovations of the Year and Display Technology of the Year, battling it out with giant brands like Samsung and Sony. Their reach has become global, shipping their products to more than a hundred countries. This year, they plan to expand more across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland to make their system accessible to more viewers.

YouTube: HYPERVSN and Holographic Marketing Tech Use-Cases

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