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Editing Digital Media Made Simpler with Kapwing

We have come a long way in communicating with people faster with the recent social media developments that make it easier for us to connect with people. From doing a month-long wait for a penpal’s reply, we can now instantly see how our oversees friends spent their day through their posted stories in social media.

Virtual stories have become much more exciting to watch with the addition of artistic edits, memes, and filters. Too “techie” for you? Kapwing makes sure that it gets the job done in creating the ideal look for your stories with the easiest and most fun way possible.


Editing made simple

Founders Julia Enthoven and Eric Lu previously worked at Google for two years before they decided to leave and start their own business venture. At the time, they rarely dabbled in sharing media online due to the unfamiliarity of the available professional media software, so they decided to build one for themselves. This led to the birth of Kapwing in 2017.

Kapwing is an online editing platform which houses popular meme makers, a subtitler, resizer, trimmer, and filters, among others. From resizing a post to making stop motion, it has everything you need to further enhance your simple online story into a fun visual for everyone to enjoy.


True to their product principles of being simple, accessible, fast, and collaborative, Kapwing keeps things uncomplicated while managing to make your outputs appear interesting and creative. The online tool is simple and easy to understand, providing a multitude of options that cater to what you want to do with a post without any jargon involved.

Kapwing continues to cater to people that make content a part of their daily lives. The best part of the online tool is that it’s free. Users are given the option to upgrade their online workspace to Kapwing Pro for $20, allowing access to older projects and premium tools. Easy, fun, and free, Kapwing is definitely worth checking out.

YouTube: What is Kapwing?

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