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Ecocapsule: A Self-Sustaining Micro-Home

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy your time and have fun on your own is to go off the grid. Ecocapsule is a nice, interesting home that it seems to offer you just that. The ability to actually stay off the grid and enjoy life with a home that manages to power itself. This self-sustaining luxury camping/living innovation has been developed in Bratislava, Slovakia.

You don’t have to worry about the day to day life or power, you get info about all of these as you see fit and without any hassle which is what matters the most.

This particular product is designed with a simple idea, and that is to offer you mobile living without having to deal with any issues. The small home has 1.1 tons, features 70 square feet and it does offer enough space for you and maybe even your loved one if you can stay in a small place.

But the main benefit here and the one that really pushes the experience forward is the way this works, because you have the ability to actually move around without a problem. This is a portable home and you won’t have a problem when it comes to finding and getting energy, something that can be quite hard in the end.

If you combine that with the unique layout and the fact that you are free to maintain your focus and location anywhere you want, you can easily see that the Ecocapsule does manage to deliver an immense and truly immersive experience that you just can’t find anywhere else on the market at this point

As a fan of living off the grid you are bound to like the great results and the very good experience you can find here, but maybe the best thing about this product is the true attention to detail. It offers an amazing space indoor and everything is so beautiful and neatly organized that you will just have a lot of fun with this.

The price is around $90000 and that doesn’t even include shipping so obviously you do have quite a lot to pay for acquiring it but I do feel that the Ecocapsule does a great job in offering those features that many people might have missed from a mobile home. As a fan of living of the grid at least for a day or two, I do find the Ecocapsule to be a very good example in this regard and honestly it does deliver a very good experience thanks to that.

Some might say that the price is a little high but if you factor in the self-sustainability offered by solar panels, you can easily understand why this does cost so much in the first place. It’s a great tool for travelers and honestly it’s worth every penny at least in my opinion!

YouTube: Ecocapsule – New era of sustainable living

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