What Country Should You Visit? Earth Roulette Is Your Travel Destination Generator!


The world is a beautiful place, and I guess I am not nearly as much traveling as I should be. I try to keep my eyes open for all the great things but taking a plane and just going somewhere else can help a lot to find out about new places. So, how can Earth Roulette help you with that?

If you’re planning to make a trip but simply have no inspiration as to where you should go, you should definitely not let this stop you from going. Traditionally people might spin a globe and blindly put their finger somewhere on it to get a random spot to visit, but nowadays, you can do it online.

Now there’s an online travel destination generator

You can easily get a suggestion for your next travel destination by using Earth Roulette by Igor Varyvoda. The system is simple. You just open the website of the travel destination generator tool and hit the button “generate my destination.” It will only take a second, and it will then give you a random country as a result for you to consider and research as a potential trip destination.

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Now that sounds relatively simple, right? I jumped right in and got this lovely destination as a suggestion. Along with it, they show you some information about the destination, some pictures and some means to get there as well. Would you like to join me in going to Spain?

Earth Roulette Random Travel Destination Generator Online Spain
Example result of the random travel destination generator “Earth Roulette”

Talking with the creator

I was surprised to hear that such a cool project was built only by Igor as a single person. We spoke to him and asked a bit about the origins of Earth Roulette and how it came to be.

“The idea just hit me,” Igor said, “I didn’t know where to go for a vacation and thought that just random-ing travel destinations would bring up some exciting spots. Nothing like Earth Roulette existed at the moment, around 2015, so I’ve decided to build it. It took me some time to code and design it. I work full-time and get distracted by side-projects quite a bit.

The system basically knows every single country in the world and just randomly picks a destination for you. It’s a single-man endeavor, there’s only me on the team, but I do plan to expand eventually when it starts bringing in more profit. Right now, it pays for itself and for my rent in Montenegro. Nothing spectacular. The ultimate goal would be to turn it into a more refined vacation/adventure picker with different preference options, and, of course – budget.”

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Thanks a lot to Igor, who took the time to talk with us and, of course, also for building Earth Roulette. If you haven’t yet, make sure to give it a try and get some inspiration for your next trip. What do you think of the tool? Make sure to also share your comments with us below in the comments. Have a great trip! 🙂

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Amos Bar-Zeev. The screenshot of the tool is owned by Igor Varyvoda.

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