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DutchFiets Creates Bicycles From Recycled Plastic

People have been making efforts to preserve the environment, and recycling is just one of them. In fact, several companies have found creative ways to make products such as speakers to promote this.

Dutch company, DutchFiets adds to the list and has taken the next step in recycling. They use recycled plastic to create a bicycle which also promotes environmental transportation.

Greener transportation

The frame and wheels of the bike are 100% made out of recyclable plastic. Even the production of the plastic is energy-efficient. The aim is to eventually use bio-plastics in the future to make the bicycle even more sustainable.

The frame of the bicycle is bulkier than most, however this was made as such so it can hold a person’s weight. It might not win any races any time soon, but it is lightweight and doesn’t rust.


The bulk may be a little off-putting to some people, however it does the trick of hitting two birds with one stone. Not only is the material from recycling, biking promotes an environmental means of going around. Aside from that, it does come in different colors.

The bicycle also has seamlessly integrated lighting. It has triple LED lights within its frame. This also means that there are no loose lights or batteries. Not only that, you can also charge it via USB.

Instead of using a chain, it utilizes a belt to mobilize the bicycle when you pedal. This is also means that anyone can easily do the maintenance on their bike without the need of a bicycle mechanic.

According to international safety standards, DutchFiets’ bicycle design is ideal. The bicycle tested for 10 years of use and has been approved. If you want to try it out yourself, the bicycle retails at €987.60 with 2 years of warranty.

YouTube: DutchFiets De fiets van recyclebaar kunststof.

Photo credits: All images used are owned by Dutchfiets and were provided for press usage.

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