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Use Dowork to Create Better Project Estimates

Headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, Dowork.ai is a SaaS provided by Dowork Technologies, US, that predicts a project timeline and estimates its delivery time. This website is built for outsourcing businesses to help them keep a steady workflow throughout their network.

With Dowork.ai, you can choose from a variety of project management fields such as marketing, software development, brand, and design activities, as well as construction project management, for instance. You can swiftly receive your estimation data based on entered tasks and other context information by leveraging the tool. You can book a product tour with them on Dowork’s website. The company offers free signup and a free trial version. For a more wholesome experience of their service, you can go for their Pro or Custom packs.

Managing the workflow in a smart way

WBS, Work Breakdown Structure, is a project management term that does exactly how it sounds – breaks down one task into multiple subtasks. As soon as the team members come on board and each of them provides an estimated deadline, Dowork.ai starts directing the project flow. After all the inputs are in, it calculates things such as time to deliver, cost, start, and completion date. The final estimation can be shared on a public URL with clients, stakeholders in a neat and presentable way.

Project task notifications

Every time a team member makes an update regarding the project delivery time, the clients will be automatically notified via emails. This platform also enables employers to get insights into the project, such as cost per project, estimated work-days, the number of people required, and other figures. You can also choose to add or subtract elements for the document your share. And changes regarding the estimation date will be reflected on the shareable document.

If you’re looking for a project management tool with interesting solutions for preparing project estimates and similar features, Dowork might be useful for you. Check it out also in the video embedded below for more details.

YouTube: Dowork.ai Introduction Video

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