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Download Entire YouTube Playlists In Your Browser

Downloading YouTube videos is nothing new when you want to save your favorite videos for later offline viewing. But when there are entire collections, playlists, and channels you want to download, most of us face a question of which service is the best for the job. Moreover, we want to find a tool that will do so for free. So here are a few we found on the web so you won’t need to find it yourself.

Ddownr to the rescue

Enter ddownr.com, the superior service for downloading YouTube videos and playlists. This website can download a playlist that counts up to 250 videos at once. This limit is due to the fact that servers have a limited amount of space. Every two hours, they delete files downloaded more than two hours ago. Two hours may seem like a short time but then again, we think 250 videos is a whole lot.

You don’t need to install any clunky software that can potentially slow down your computer. This website allows you to easily download playlists in a few clicks, without the annoying ads and long waiting times. Before downloading, you can choose the quality and the different formats of the file you want.

Ddownr is free to use, but if you want to, you can donate at their website to support these folks for their effort.

Multiple downloads just for you

An alternative choice for downloading YouTube videos is Youtube Multi Downloader. It can download playlists and channels, and even lets you select the quality. Downloading with this website is a piece of cake, and yet there are tutorials you can use if you get stuck.

According to some users, the tool even lets you download restricted videos, as long as they’re not copyright protected. The website has different sections depending on your needs – one video, a playlist, or a channel, each with its own separate features. 

Take your pick on either of the tools and tell us what you think of them on the comments below. Whichever free tool you choose, we wish you good luck downloading your favorite videos!

Photo credits: The feature image has been done by Eugene Chystiakov. The graphics in the body of the article are screenshots from one of the featured websites and are owned by Youtube Multi Downloader.
Editorial notice: These tools are meant to download legitimate footage only. You could use this to download videos under creative commons license, but any other content, especially the monetized material that comes with ads, might be a violation of YouTube’s terms of service or a copyright issue.

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